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Emergency Notification

Instructor Emails

Name Email
Abboud, Rima [email protected]
Akis Vladimir [email protected]
AlFares Ahmed [email protected]
Amaya Carlos [email protected]
Arcos, Carlos [email protected]
Ba Ousmane [email protected]
Behrens, Michael [email protected]
Chan Jon [email protected]
Cheung KwunYu [email protected]
Choi Ying [email protected] 
Chyau Sam [email protected]
Cun Amber [email protected]
Demeke Eyob [email protected]
DeSalvo, Maddalena [email protected]
Diaz, Wagner [email protected]
Dobson, Shanna [email protected]
Flores Garcia, Miguel [email protected]
Givrad, Tina [email protected] 
Gutarts, Borislava  [email protected]
Hajaiej, Hichem [email protected]
He, Fendi [email protected]
Hendrata, Melisa  [email protected]
Herichi, Hafedh [email protected]
Heubach, Silvia [email protected]
Hu, Kai [email protected]
Huang, Lily [email protected]
Hung, Sharon [email protected]
Kim, Holly [email protected]
Kopushyan, Lusine [email protected] 
Kornblum, Sharri [email protected]
Krebs, Michael T [email protected]
Krinsky, Sharona [email protected]
Lenh, Aiken [email protected]
Leon, Francisco [email protected]
Liu, Daphne [email protected]
Lopez, Emma [email protected]
Man, Sui [email protected]
McDermott, Javany [email protected]
Meeks, Mason [email protected]
Melendez, Jennica [email protected]
Mijares Jose [email protected]
Ngo, Bao Ngoc [email protected]
Parviz, Behzad [email protected]
PhanYamada, Tuyetdong [email protected]
Ramirez, Ciro [email protected] 
Raychaudhuri Debasree  [email protected]
Rostami, Nairi [email protected]
Saikaly Marie [email protected]
Sam, Nelli [email protected]
Shaheen, Anthony [email protected]
Stevenson, Matt [email protected] 
Tam, Kwan [email protected]
Van Ross, Bryce [email protected]
Vardapetyan, Gohar [email protected]
Yamashita, Lulu [email protected]
Yang, Iris [email protected] 
Yip, Eric [email protected]
Zhang, Roger [email protected]
Zheng, Adam [email protected]
Zhong, Jie [email protected]