RTP Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures governing RTP at Cal State L.A. are articulated in several documents.  It is highly recommended that candidates for retention, tenure, or promotion familiarize themselves with these documents. These policy documents include: the CSU/CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement (particularly Articles 13, 14, and 15), the Cal State LA Faculty Handbook policy “Evaluation of Permanent Instructional Faculty,” and relevant College and Department/Division/School RTP policies.  These policies are listed in priority order; in any case in which a lower-level policy document conflicts with a higher-order document, the higher-order document governs the matter (e.g., if a College policy conflicts with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that policy is null and void with respect to the matter about which there is conflict). 

Together, these policies aim at two main objectives: (1) to maintain and enhance the high quality of the academic programs at Cal State LA, and (2) to safeguard the rights of faculty employees throughout the evaluation process leading to retention, tenure, and promotion decisions. 

Reports and Rebuttals

Each level of reviewers will provide the faculty member with a report of their review and decision, which the faculty member must sign, indicating receipt of that review. If desired, the faculty member may submit—within 10 calendar days of the date of each report—a response to any level of review; any such responses then become a part of the Personnel File, available to higher level reviewers.