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 Curriculum Process Cycles:

 Non-Curriculum Process on Curriculog

  • Form 9B - Updates on Department / College / Faculty / Emeriti pages on Catalog 
  • Form 7A - Curriculog User Accounts
  • Form 7B - Updates on proposal reviewing committee(s)
  • Form 4A - Articulation Process Request
  • Form 3A / 3B - Look up curriculum data

 Which curriculum proposal form should I use?

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  • Curriculog Help Guides
  • Checklists for Reviewers
  • Curriculog Training Workshops

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For Course Proposals:
  • Course Component Staffing Formula (PDF)
  • Course Numbering Convention (WORD)
  • Criteria for Proposing Courses with Hybrid and Online-Only Components (Link)
  • Sustainability Courses Reference (PDF

For Program Proposals:

Curriculum Archived: 

Submitted: Library:
Prior to 2019   SharePoint*
Since 2019   Curriculog
* Note: the latest approved curriculum data can be pulled up on Curriculog via Form 3A or 3B.  For assistance, please contact the curriculum analyst of your college. 
(last update: 2023.04.30)

General Uses:

  • Proposal Supporting Document Checklist  (PDF)
  • Timeline Worksheet for Department/College: (PDF) or (WORD)
  • Template to change entity hierarchy status  (EXCEL)  Curriculog: Form 9A
  • Template to update entity information page on eCatalog  (WORD) Curriculog Form 9B
  • Template to change of ownership / relocate course prefix, program and/or faculty, use Curriculog: Form 9D 

For Course Proposals: 

  • Course Content Template  (WORD) 
  • MOU samples for cross-listing courses   (WORD) 

For Program Proposals: 

  • Roadmap Templates: (EXCEL) or (WORD
  • DOE Gainful Employment Disclosure: (PDF)
  • Curriculum Map/Assessment Plan Matrix: (EXCEL)
  • Course Offering Plan: (WORD)
  • 5-Year Enrollment Statistics: (WORD)
  • Side-by-Side Course Comparison: (EXCEL)

Academic Master Plan Proposals:


(last update: 2023.01.31)