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User Account and Role

Your User Account

  • Guide to access your Curriculog User Account
  • New faculty members single-sign-on access: please contact the Curriculum Analyst of your college. Look up their contact in the "Curriculog Training" tab below.
  • Current User accessibility issues: please send a Curriculog Support Ticket.
  • If you see the 502 Bad Gateway error message, it is time to clear your browser. Please refer to this guide.

Your Role in Curriculog

A user may have more than one role in the curriculum process workflow. It is important to understand your role and your responsibilities. This guide tells you what you can or cannot do on Curriculog.

For All Users - Walk Me Thru (Tutorial on Curriculog )


  1. You must log in to Curriculog to use  Walk Me Thru. 
  1. Tap on Walk Me Thru at the lower right corner of the screen to raise the guide.


  1. Under the Help tab (a), select a topic:   

  • Tap on a selected general topic (Proposal / Agendas / Accounts / Hierarchy / Reports ) to open the accordion for specific topics, or


  • Enter a keyword of your question in the search window (b), or

  • Scroll down the scroll bar (c) to look for a related topic
  1. Tap on the topic


Legends of the topics:

Legends on Curriculog

Curriculog guide How can we help you


For the Originators

Once you have logged into Curriculog, the first screen you will see is My Dashboard.

The dashboard serves as your gateway to Curriculog and allows you to manage your proposals and see recent notifications and upcoming events at a glance.

Getting familiar with the icons helps to understand the functionalities of the proposal forms and the proposal status.

In addition to the built-in help guide Walk Me Thru, end users may access more tutorials on the vendor's website: Curriculog University. 

Curriculog Guide End Users

1. log into Curriculog

2. In the lower-left corner, click Curriculog University

  • Tap HERE  to open the User Manual on a new window, the highlighted topics to the left are for your reference.


  • Tap HERE for some short tutorial videos listed below

     Curriculog Guide USER TUTORIAL



Q: In order to prepare my proposal, how do I look up course /program curriculum data ahead of time?

A: Forms 3A and 3B allow you to gather course data or program curriculum on Curriculog to prepare your proposal for discussion within your department prior to officially submit an actual proposal. If you have questions about using Form 3A or 3B, contact the Curriculum Analyst of your college for assistance.

Q: Which proposal forms must import curriculum data? Can I copy and paste information from an archived proposal to the new proposal?

A: Other than the new course and new program proposal forms, all the modification forms require the import of data to ensure your proposal is loaded with the most current data.

Course mod consists of 80+ fields, import data to a proposal takes about 2 minutes without the risk of using outdated information.

Q: What if I altered the populated data prior to launch?

A: The tracking will be messed up. Your proposal will be rejected regardless at any step. Therefore, you want to cancel the proposal, restart a new form, and spend 2 minutes importing data. Do not attempt to get around. If you are not sure, seek assistance from the Curriculum Analyst of your college.

Q: I can not locate the proposal I created earlier, can I create a duplicate?

A: Go to the “My proposals” tab,  and you will find your proposals there.  For the same process cycle, only ONE proposal for the same course (or the same program) is allowed. If you have created multiple proposals for the same course, you must decide which one to keep. Curriculog does not combine proposals.

Q: My proposal missed the timeline to reach the EPC step for the final decision. Can I recycle it for the next curriculum cycle? I don’t want to restart all over again.

A: Unfinished proposals cannot be recycled. The effective term cannot be changed in the forms, and the fields are mapped to be exported to the upcoming catalog. In addition, new fields may be added as per the CO’s request; or some fields may get obsoleted/replaced for the new cycle.

Q: Before the new cycle starts, can I take a look at the new forms?

A: New cycle begins in the Spring semester each year. UGS posts PDFs of the new forms on the UGS website around Thanksgiving week for faculty preview. Check out the Template for Proposal section.

Q: Why I cannot edit my proposal after I make the decision? 

A: Making a decision is sending your proposal away from your step. Once the proposal is left, you are done with the proposal.  The reviewer of the current step may do the edits upon your written request, or reject (send back) the proposal to you for edit. 

For Agenda Administrators

This section is for the Chairs, College Associate Deans, and their Assistants (the College Curriculum Analysts).

1. Understand your role as an Agenda Administrator on the workflow. 

2. To keep the process transparent to the campus, for each committee meeting, an agenda administrator needs to:

  • create an agenda, name the agenda (see below), and load the agenda with proposals for review and decisions; 
  • make sure at least 50% of the committee members opened the proposals (the grey bubble next to the name turned white if opened). Encourage the members to vote, but it is up to them to remain idle.
  • on the committee step, make the final decision on behalf of the committee;  
  • always archive (close) the old agenda before creating a new one for the next meeting. You will not be able to move the unfinished business to the new agenda until the old one is not archived.

3. Help Guides and Tutorials on Creating Agenda for your Committee

  • There are help guides and tutorials on Curriculog: the [Walk Me Through] and [Curriculog University]. Please log in to access the resources.

A. Follow the [Walk Me Through] in the lower right corner on Curriculog

Curriculog guide WALK ME THROUGH

Enter "Agenda" in the search window. Select a topic.

Walk me thru guide


B. In the lower-left corner, click [Curriculog Univeristy

Curriculog Guide user manual





Choose Resource Center > User Manual > End Users:

Curriculog Guide END USER

or choose Resource Center > User Manual > Videos:

Agenda tutorial


C. Quick References:



4. Agenda Naming Convention

The agenda title cannot be changed once it is published and/or archived. It could be too much of a hassle to look for your agenda among the other hundreds of agendas on Curriculog. The only way is to organize your agendas by following the Agenda Naming Convention (in CAPS).


For Members of Curriculum Committees

Your Role:

  • When a proposal reaches your step, pending your decision, it appears under the My Tasks tab.


  • You need to review these proposals, make comments, and vote.  Your decision does not move the proposal. The agenda administrator moves proposals forward (approve) or backward (reject) based on the committee’s decision.
  • If you are on multiple committees or you have multiple roles on Curriculog, use the Advanced Filter to sort out the proposals. Select your committee from the Current Step Name to pull the respective proposals.

Advanced Filter


Pull Up a Proposal for Review:

  • Hover over one of the highlighted spots and tap.


  • If you received a notification of the agenda, you can pull the organized proposals from the agenda.  Tap on the link in the notification. View the agenda and select a proposal.



Vote (Make a Decision) :

You have 2 options to vote.


  1. Bulk approval -  when you don’t enter any comments on the proposals, select those you want to approve.  


  1. Vote within a proposal - when you will open a proposal to review and make comments.



Custom Route

Submit Troubleshooting Support Ticket

The College Curriculum Analysts are well-trained Curriculog users. They are the go-to person if you encounter any general curriculum or Curriculog issues. Please look up their contact is in the Curriculog Training tab.

If you must submit a support ticket, remember to indicate your full name and department. We need to verify the level of your access with your Chair and/or the College Curriculum Analyst. 

Curriculog Training

All curriculum modifications or updates on the University Catalog or on GET are processed on Curriculog, a curriculum management system. Before you do proposals, you are encouraged to join training workshop(s) if you are not a frequent user of Curriculog. 


Open Webinars: 

  • Training sessions (20 – 45 minutes each) are offered via Zoom.
  • Each session covers 1 to 2 topics and is independent.
  • Training schedule and registration are posted on Curriculog.
Private Group Training:
  • Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour.​ Up to two sessions can be scheduled together.
  • Select a combination of topics.
  • At least 3 participants are required to form a group.  Participants can be a group from multiple departments.
  • Send your request to the Curriculum Analyst of your college. 
College Curriculum Analyst:

* directly contact the College Associate Dean until the vacancy is filled.

College Curriculum Analyst Phone extension and Email


Leticia Ramirez

 (3-4004)   [email protected] 


Miriam Herrera

 (3-2800)   [email protected] 



 (3-4305) [email protected]


Tricia Trejo

 (3-4510)   [email protected] 



 (3-6960)*  [email protected]



 (3-4602)*  [email protected]


Amy Miller

 (3-2005)   [email protected] 


Checklists For Reviewers

(please visit again as we continue to add new checklists)

Program Proposals:

Course Proposals:

Other / General checklists: