Step-by-Step Process

The following is a brief overview of the student conduct process for violations of the Standards for Student Conduct. This does not cover allegations of harassment and/or discrimination based on a legally protected status, and/or related retaliation; sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence, or stalking.

STEP 1: Referral – A student conduct administrator receives a report documenting an alleged violation of the Standards for Student Conduct and begins an investigation.

STEP 2: Notice – A student conduct administrator notifies the student in writing through their email of the report.

STEP 3: Meeting – The student has an opportunity to meet with a student conduct administrator to respond to the allegation(s).

  • A student conduct administrator may dismiss the report.
  • The student may agree to not dispute the allegation(s) and waive the right to a student conduct hearing and accept the sanctions. A resolution agreement is put in writing and signed by the student and a student conduct administrator; or
  • The student may deny the allegation(s) and request a hearing, or request a hearing on the sanctions only.

STEP 4: Notice of Hearing – A student conduct administrator sends the student a Notice of Hearing, including the time and date of the hearing, along with recommended sanctions.

  • The student may accept the recommended sanction(s). If a resolution is reached, the agreement is put in writing and signed by the student and a student conduct administrator; or 
  • The student may not accept the recommended sanction(s) and goes forward with the hearing. 

STEP 5: Hearing – A student conduct administrator and the student will present evidence or information to a Hearing Officer. The officer submits a finding and recommended sanctions (if any) to the President’s Designee, the Vice President for Student Life. 

STEP 6: Finding – The Vice President reviews the Hearing Officer’s recommendation and makes a  final decision regarding responsibility and disciplinary action, which the student cannot appeal.