Prepare for a Virtual Hearing

If your meeting or hearing is scheduled on Zoom, we will send you a Zoom link and passcode

You can prepare for the hearing in the following ways:

Connecting on Zoom

  • Use a reliable internet connection and a computer, laptop or phone with both video and audio capability.
  • Turn on video and audio unless you are pre-approved by a student conduct administrator to just use audio. 
  • Consider using headphones with a microphone to minimize audio interference.

Avoid Distractions

  • Be in a quiet, comfortable space with no distractions.  We will not host meetings while you are driving or not in a confidential environment.
  • Have or use an appropriate, distraction free background

Protect Your Privacy

  • Be alone or with your advisor.  No one else should be within sight or earshot of the computer if you are sharing a computer, and only your advisor will be admitted to the hearing if you are using different computers.
  • Do not start your own audio/video recording during the hearing. The Hearing Officer, for University purposes, will record the hearing only. 
  • Try to re-connect if your connection to the hearing is lost due to an insecure internet connection.  The Hearing Officer will call you at the phone number that you will provide to us if you do not reconnect within a few minutes.

Other things to know:

  • At the beginning of the hearing, you will receive instructions on how to use the chat function to pose a private question to the Hearing Officer.
  • There will be private breakout “rooms” available if you would like to talk to your advisor privately.  During the hearing, indicate to the Hearing Officer that you would like a break to talk to your advisor privately and you will directed to one of these rooms.
  • Witnesses will remain in the waiting room (a feature on Zoom) until enabled to join the hearing.  Their connection will be ended once they finish being questioned.