Possible Sanctions

The following sanctions may be imposed for violation of the Standards for Student Conduct. More than one sanction may be imposed for a single violation. These sanctions are outlined in more detail in CSU Executive Order 1098

  • Restitution: Payment for the loss of an item, damages to personal or University property, or costs related to an injury. This may include appropriate service and/or monetary material replacement.
  • Loss of Financial Aid: Scholarships, loans, grants, fellowships and any other types of state financial aid given or guaranteed for the purposes of academic assistance can be conditioned, limited, canceled or denied. 
  • Educational and Remedial Sanctions: Volunteer work, research, a reflection essay, service to the University or the community, training on a particular topic, or attendance at an event or workshop, or other assignments.  This can include removal recognized student clubs and organizations (e.g., fraternities and sororities), and/or University events, or other remedies.
  • Denial of Access to Campus or Persons: A designated period of time during which the student is not permitted: on University property or specified areas of campus; or to have contact of any sort (physical or otherwise) with the person who reported the behavior, victim(s) and witnesses of the behavior, or other specified persons. 
  • Disciplinary Probation: A designated period of time during which the privileges of continuing as a student are conditioned upon future behavior. Conditions may include the potential loss of specified privileges to which a current student would otherwise be entitled, or the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student is found to violate the Standards for Student Conduct or any University policy during the probationary period. 
  • Suspension: Temporary separation of the student from active student status from all 23 campuses of the California State University.
  • A student who is suspended for less than one academic year remains eligible to re-enroll at the University (subject to individual Campus enrollment policies) once the suspension has been served. There may be conditions for re-enrollment. 
  • A student who is suspended for one academic year or more must reapply to the University (subject to individual Campus application polices) once the suspension has been served. There may be conditions for re-enrollment. 
  • Suspension of one academic year or more will be noted on the student’s transcript permanently without exception. 
  • Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the California State University system. Expulsion will be noted on the student’s transcript permanently, without exception.