OEDI - Policies and Procedures

Lactation Program

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 323-343-3040 or [email protected] to request access to the lactation rooms.

Lactation Program (PDF) – Policies and practices for lactation support and accommodations

All Gender Restrooms and Lactation Rooms (PDF) – Campus map of all gender restrooms and lactation rooms

Unions' Complaint Procedures

Unit 1, Physicians - Non-Discrimination Policy: Article 26.21

Units 2, 5, 7, 9 CSEA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 25.1-25.2

Unit 3, CFA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 16.1-16.2

Unit 4, Academic Professionals - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 21.1 (PDF)

Unit 6, SETC - Non-Discrimination Policy: Article 6.1 (PDF)

Unit 8, SUPA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 27.1-27.2

Unit 11, UAW-Academic Student Employees - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 16.1-16.4

Whistleblower Complaint Procedures

  • Executive Order 1115 (PDF) – Complaint Procedures for Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety
  • Executive Order 1116 (PDF) – Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Retaliation for Having Made a Protected Disclosure under the California Whistleblower Protection Act