Benefits - Voluntary and Flexible Plans

Optional Voluntary Insurance Plans

The Standard Insurance - Voluntary Group Life

The CSU offers employee-paid voluntary life insurance through the Standard Life Insurance Company to all eligible employees. Employees may purchase protection for themselves and eligible family members including spouse/domestic partner and dependent children:

The Standard Insurance
(800) 378-5745

The Standard Insurance - Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is an affordable way to make up the difference between what your medical insurance covers and what you'd owe out of pocket if you or a family member were to be diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

The Standard Insurance
(800) 378-5745

The Standard Insurance - Accident Insurance

Accident insurance helps protect your bank account from the out-of-pocket expenses that come with an injury — whether you're coping with a broken arm or recovering from a serious car accident.

The Standard Insurance
(800) 378-5745

California Casualty (Auto and Home Insurance)

California Casualty
(866) 680-5143

ARAG Legal Plan

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. An ARAG® legal insurance plan isn’t just for the serious issues. It’s for events you plan for, like getting married or creating a will. Or the unexpected situations, like a traffic ticket or landlord dispute. Network attorney fees are 100% paid in full for most covered matters. Benefit from a wide range of coverage and services to protect you and your loved ones. Employees can only enroll during open enrollment or within 60 days of hire. You can watch this video to get a quick recap of the ARAG benefit. To learn more about this plan and enroll, go to the website or by calling (800) 247-4184.

ScholarShare College Savings Plan

Eligible employees may participate in California's tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan.

The plan is sponsored by the ScholarShare Investment Board, an agency of the State of California, and is managed by TIAA-CREF.

Earnings in your ScholarShare plan account grow tax-deferred. When you withdraw money to pay for qualified education expenses, you pay no federal or California state income tax.

There is no employer matching contribution.

For more information or to enroll online visit the ScholarShare website.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide is offering two benefit options for your pets. The insurance can cover your pet’s accidents, illnesses, and even preventive care and wellness services. Plans are available for dogs, cats, birds, small mammals and exotic (such as reptiles). To learn more about this plan and/or enroll, visit or call 877-738-7874.

Nationwide FAQs PDF document


CSU employees are eligible for a 10% tuition discount when you enroll your child(ren) at a KinderCare center. A number of programs are available including full, part-time and drop-in child care as well as school-age distance learning programs. KinderCare has created a website specifically for CSU employees: You may use the downloadable voucher provided on the KinderCare website when registering your child(ren) for child-care at the specific center. [CSU cannot guarantee space availability.]

Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP)

If you are an active employee eligible for, and elect coverage through the CSU in a CalPERS health plan, the Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP) enables you to pay for your medical insurance coverage on a pre-tax basis. Any such premiums for the CSU-sponsored coverage you have selected will be deducted each month from your salary before federal and state income and Social Security/Medicare taxes are calculated and deducted.

Health Care and Dependent Care Reimbursement Plans

Enrollment in the Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account plan (DCRA) is required each year along with your designated contribution amounts. ASIFlex is the claims administrator for this plan. Additional information about both plans can be obtained at or by calling ASIFlex at (800) 659-3035.

  • Health Care Reimbursement Account Plan

    • This HCRA plan allows you to set aside a portion of your pay on a pretax basis to reimburse yourself for eligible health, dental and vision care expenses for you, your spouse/registered domestic partner and eligible dependent(s). You may contribute up to $2,750 for the 2022 plan year through payroll deduction. The 2022 monthly maximum is $229.16.
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account Plan

    • The DCRA plan allows you to set aside a portion of your pay on a pretax basis to reimburse yourself for childcare expenses for your eligible dependent child(ren) under the age of 13. Additionally, if you have an older dependent who lives with you and requires assistance with day-to-day living and is listed as a dependent on your annual tax return, you can claim these eligible expenses through your DCRA. You may contribute up to $5,000 each plan year ($2,500 if married, filing a separate tax return) through payroll deduction. Neither contributions nor reimbursements are taxed. The 2022 monthly maximum amount is $416.66.