Scholars and Mentors

Cindy Perez, Department of Child Development Disorders, 2021 SPROUT Scholar, Mentor: Dr. Jon-Patrick Allem at the University of Southern California. Perez is interested in Child Development and worked on a SPROUT project called Tobacco and cannabis use prevention campaigns targeting adolescents and young adults on Snapchat in 2019. In the Fall of 2021, Perez began a full-time research assistant position in Dr. Allem’s lab to gain more experience during her gap year before applying to graduate programs.



Cindy Perez Feedback on the SPROUT Program

Other SPROUT Scholars, Mentors, and Projects

  • Andrew Duenas, (Dr, Christine Dy – Exercise Science), 2021 Quantifying the effect of increasing resistance during cycling on leg muscle activity.
  • Steven Huezo, (Dr. Chandan Suresh – Communication Disorders), 2021 Portraying of hearing loss information in Spanish Language YouTube Videos.
  • Jimmy Jin, ( Dr. Anureet Kaur – Nutritional Sciences), 2021 Investigating intrinsic apoplotic mechanisms using Delta-Tocotrienol in HER2 positive human breast cancer cells (SKBR3).
  • Yutain Li, (Dr. Jing Zhao - Food Science), 2021 Purification and characterization of c-phycocyanin.
  • Adalid Medina, (Dr. Mary Kubalanza – Communication Disorders), 2021 Independent research project.
  • Alexis Obinna, (Dr. Siyon Rhee - Social Work), 2021 Factors contributing to depression among African Americans.
  • Elizabeth Owairu, (Dr. Melanie Sabado-Liwag – Public Health), 2021 Immigration-generational status on substance use and depression among Latinx adolescents in continuation of high school.
  • Patssy Quintero, (Dr. Erica Ellis – Communication Disorders), 2021 Bilingualism in children with and without autism: parents’ perspectives.
  • Francisco Aguilar (Dr. Anureet Kaur – Nutritional Sciences), 2019 Effect of fenugreek extract on ras protein expression in breast cancer.
  • Cindy Garcia (Dr. Melanie Sabado-Liwag – Public Health), 2019 Mental health self-stigma and perceived levels of social support on stress among Pacific Islanders.
  • Axel Munoz, (Dr. Stefan Keslacy - Kinesiology), 2019 Virtual reality modulates exercise-induced brain oxygenation.
  • Merna Nasif, (Dr. Michael Joseph - Exercise Science), 2019 On ground and treadmill training paradigms improve locomotor recovery in rats with spinal contusions.
  • Violet Perez, (Dr. Jing Zhao – Food Sciences), 2019 Proximate analysis of defatted rice bran protein.
  • Karina Quiroz, (Dr. Melanie Sabado-Liwag – Public Health), 2019 Effects of depression symptoms on tobacco use and oral health.
  • Maydely Remigio (Dr. Jessica Morales-Chicas – Child Development), 2019 Perceptions of math teacher effectiveness on math identity among middle school Latinos.
  • Kennedy Stewart (Dr. Anne Larson – Exercise Science). 2019 Recruitment, enrollment, and retention for baseline data collection: an observational study.
  • Isabel Valdovinos (Dr. Gabriel Simon-Cereido - Communication Disorders), 2019 Generic naming task strategies and lexical skills in typical bilingual adults.

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