Photo of Swimming research laboratory

Swimming Research Laboratory  - The goal of the Swimming Research Lab is to understand the limits to and factors affecting human swimming performance. The lab is equipped with a swimming flume, 25-yard swimming pool, and snorkel integrated with a metabolic cart that enables real-time measurements of oxygen consumption while swimming. The lab also utilizes underwater cameras to study the biomechanics of swimming. This lab is under the direction of Dr. George Crocker.  Location: Pool deck



Photo of Spinal Cord Injury Exercise ResearchSpinal Cord Injury Exercise Research (SCIER) - The goal of SCIER is to understand how exercises like body weight supported treadmill training can be used to enhance neurological recovery, neural plasticity and exercise fitness. This lab is under the direction of Dr. Dy. Location: ASCL 109





Photo of Rat RobotSpinal Plasticity Laboratory (SPL) – This lab examines the effects of locomotor training in a rodent model of spinal cord injury using robotic devices. This lab is under the direction of Dr. de Leon. Location: ASCL 123 






Photo of Exercise Physiology LabExercise Physiology - This laboratory studies the effect of exercise on the brain and cognition. This lab is under the direction of Dr. Keslacy. Location ASCL 139.






Photo of Biomechanics LabBiomechanics – The biomechanics lab houses an eight camera Vicon motion analysis system, two AMTI force plates, and an electromyography system. Current research investigates the factors that influence force and power output from skeletal muscle. The lab is under the direction of Andy Cornwell, Ph.D. Location: ASCL 110 





Food Microbiology Laboratory - The goal of Food Microbiology laboratory is to train undergraduate students in applied microbiological techniques such as detection and enumeration of various bacteria of concern and to conduct research in the area of microbiological food safety. This lab is under the direction of Dr. Mangalassary. Location: Biological Sciences 365


Photo of Food Chemistry and Analytical LabFood Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory – This laboratory studies the chemical compositions of various foods and food ingredients and the compositional changes during food processing and storage. It is under the supervision of Dr. Jing Zhao. Location: ASCL 125. 





Photo of Environmental Exercise Physiology Lab

Environmental Exercise Physiology- This lab studies the effects of heat acclimation on exercise performance and various blood markers, and uniquely features a hypobaric chamber that we use to examine the effects of high altitude on the human body.  The lab is under the direction of Dr. Nazareth Khodiguian and Dr. Ailish Sheard.  Location: PE10.