Explore the research laboratories we offer for our students to gain hands-on experience working in their field of study.

Food microbiologist

Food Microbiology Laboratory

The goal of the Food Microbiology laboratory is to train undergraduate students in applied microbiological techniques such as detection and enumeration of various bacteria of concern and to conduct research in the area of microbiological food safety. This lab is under the direction of Dr. Mangalassary. Location: Biological Sciences 365.

Food Preservation

Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory studies the chemical compositions of various foods and food ingredients and the compositional changes during food processing and storage. It is under the supervision of Dr. Jing Zhao. Location: ASCL 125. 

Biochem lab students posing in the lab

Nutritional Biology and Biochemistry Lab

Dr. Kaur's research focus is to study nutritional bioactive compounds and their role in modulating oxidative stress in chronic diseases. She is currently collaborating with Biochemistry lab and studying the effect of dietary isoprenoids on cancer and cardiovascular diseases using in-vitro cell culture model.

This lab is under the direction of Dr. Momand and Dr. Kaur. Location- LKH 248 and FA 342