This section highlights the news, events, accomplishments, and activities of our faculty, students, and department.


Recent Faculty Publications

Gutierrez, M., & Lo, Y. (April 2019). An Evaluation of A STEM Intervention Program for Parents in the Underserved Community. Western Psychological Association 99th Annual Convention,     Pasadena, CA.

Montanari, S. (2018). Sammarinese, the endangered language of the Republic of San Marino: A preliminary study of documentation and description. Dialectologia et Geolinguistica, 26, 57- 95.

Montanari, S., Mayr, R., & Subrahmanyam, K. (2018). Bilingual speech sound development during the preschool years:   The role of language proficiency and cross-linguistic relatedness. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61, 2467-2486.

Quay, S. & Montanari, S. (2019). Bilingualism   and multilingualism. In A. De Houwer & L. Ortega (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism (pp. 544-560). Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.

Quinto, A., Tam, K., Ortez, G., Serpas, M., & Lo, Y. (April 2019). Head Start Teachers’ Scientific Inquiries in Everyday Activities: A Qualitative Analysis. Western Psychological Association 99th Annual Convention, Pasadena, CA.

Wang, Q. B., Lu, W., Serpas, M., Ortez, G., &   Lo, Y. (April 2019). An Examination of Head Start Teachers’ Readiness for STEM Curriculum. Western Psychological Association 99th Annual   Convention, Pasadena, CA.

Serpas, M., Wang, Q. B., Lo, Y., Duh, S., &       Yen, S.-C. (March 2019). Head Start     Teachers’ Beliefs, Perception, and Practices in STEM Curriculum. 2019 Society for Research in Child    Development Biennial Meeting.  Baltimore, MD.



Faculty Presentations 

Montanari, S. (2019). Dipont Education, Shanghai, China.

Montanari, S. (2018, May). Harmonious Bilingualism Network. Speech presented in in Brussels Belgium.,

Montanari, S. (2018, October). International conference The View from the Multilingual Child: Linguistic Theory, Language Use and Language Strategies in and outside School. Speech presented in Bergische Universität, Wuppertal, Germany.

Montanari, S. (2019, October). Third International Conference for Teachers of Foreign Languages. Speech presented in Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras.

ECHO Community Outreach Health Program Local Dental Pilot Project will be hosting free virtual workshops this Fall 2020 for families, teens, and health staff!