Meet CFS Chair

Jessica Dennis, Ph.D.
Professor of Child Development

I have been a proud member of the Cal State LA community since 2003! During this time, I have been a professor in the Department of Psychology and the Department of Child and Family Studies. I am currently serving as the Chair of the Child and Family Studies Department, and in this role, I enjoy providing advice and support to students. My research focuses on development in emerging adulthood, emphasizing cultural issues relating to identity and adjustment. 

My teaching interests include developmental psychology, multicultural psychology, methodology, and statistics. I try to incorporate attention to cultural diversity and social justice within each course that I teach, and I encourage active learning through discussion and critical thinking activities. Most of my courses contain a research component and multiple reflection assignments. 

My research background deals with development during adolescence and emerging adulthood in culturally diverse youth. In my research lab, the Center for Multicultural Research, we are investigating the ways in which young people maintain healthy relationships with their family members, while concurrently seeking to create their own identities, friendships, and romantic relationships as they enter adulthood. Through focus group interviews and surveys, we have found that young people from immigrant families may experience differences in expectations with their parents and that these differences can pose challenges to personal and family well-being. Recent projects in the lab have focused on topics such as the intersection of gender, sexual, cultural, and racial identity, the role of family and peers in the promotion of bicultural competence, and family support for college achievement. 

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