About the Certificate

October 16, 2018

The Child Abuse and Family Violence certificate is a great way to boost and accentuate students’ knowledge and hands-on training in the area family violence. The certificate helps raise awareness in the area of prevention and intervention of child abuse and maltreatment. In addition, the certificate is signed by the president of the University and appears in your official transcript.

The Certificate Program consists of 15 units (9 core units, 3 electives units, and 3 units of fieldwork):

Core Units (9 Units):

  • CHDV 4120 (3 Units): Issues in Child Abuse, Neglect, and Family Violence
  • COMD 3190 (3 Units): Communicating with Abused Children and Violent Families
  • SW 4560 (3 Units): Multidisciplinary Teams, Child Maltreatment and Family Violence

           *Please plan ahead and check GET to see when these courses are offered 

Electives (3 Units): Take one of the following elective courses investigating special topics in maltreatment and violence at greater depth

Course code  Course title

CHDV  4300

Parent Child Development Over the Family Life Cycle

CHDV  4700

The Family and the Law

COMD  4575

Victimology in Child Abuse and Family Violence

COUN   4006

Introduction to Behavioral Counseling

COUN   4030

Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence

COUN   4600

Laws Related to Child and Family

CRIM   3090             

Juvenile Justice

CRIM   4020            

Substance Use and Crime

CRIM   4700           

Women and Crime

NURS   4700             

Community/Public Health Nursing

NURS   3550             

Strategies for Preventing and Intervening in Family Violence and Abuse

PH     4220

Vulnerable Populations

PH     4230

Sexuality and Sexual Health

PSY   4030

Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence

PSY   4120A

Psychology of Human Development: Infancy and Childhood  

PSY   4120B

Psychology of Human Development: Adolescence and Young Adulthood

PSY   4260

Family Therapy Dynamics and Perspectives

PSY   4640

Psychology and the Law

SOC   3830  

Violence and Society

SOC   4210  

Social Sources of Human Sexuality

SOC   4400  

Partnership, Marriage, and the Family

SOC   4430  

Social Policy, Inequity and Non-Traditional Families

SOC   4850

Domestic Violence

SW    3550

Strategies for Preventing and Intervening in Family Violence and Abuse

SW    3761

Child Welfare

Fieldwork (3 Units): HHS 4950 units (1,2, or 3) under Institute Director Dr. Rakel Delevi or take SW 4951

Certificate Eligibility Requirements:

  • Registered Cal State LA students with a degree program, (e.g. undergraduate, credential, or master)
  • Upper division standing
  • Completion of 60 semester units of baccalaureate level college work
  • A grade point average of 2.0 or higher
  • Completion and submission of two application forms, available in our office
  • Review and approval                         

Once you apply, please keep track on your courses, inform your major advisors of the plan to obtain the certificate, and keep in touch with the institute staff to assist your certificate completion, especially when planning the fieldwork.

Once you have completed your coursework, please bring your unofficial transcript to the program office and fill out the Certificate Completion Form.