NMR Sample Preparation

NMR Sample Preparation

The quality of your spectrum is greatly affected by the sample preparation.

The NMR Facility does not supply NMR tubes or deuterated solvents. The most common way of preparing NMR samples is to dissolve the material to be studied in an appropriate deuterated solvent.

Samples should not have any floating particles. To remove any particle, filter (do not use glass wool) your sample before filling the NMR tube. Always use a clean and dry sample tube.

We have 5 and 10 mm probes available. Most analysis is done using 5 mm tubes. Use only the following recommended NMR tubes with a solution height of 5 cm (2 inches) for consistency of shimming from sample to sample.

  • Wilmad 527PP for Avance II 400
  • Wilmad 527PP for DRX400
  • Wilmad 535PP for Avance 600

Please label your NMR tubes clearly and make sure the label is not hanging from the tube (flagging). This will interfere with sample spinning.

Spinning problems leading to sample breakage and probe damage can be the result of using poor quality and damaged NMR tubes. All tubes must have caps or be sealed.

NMR tubes should not be heated higher than 300ºC. High heat can cause the tubes to deform and become damaged, increasing the chance of damage to the instrument.