Generall Rules for NMR Use

All the Users of the NMR facility must be authorized.
Unauthorized or unscheduled use of the spectrometers
will result in suspension of, or refusal to grant, user privileges.

Rules for specific machines

400 Avance 600 Avance

General Rules:

  1. Any NMR user must read and understand the Rules (this document and other related materials) to be authorized to use NMR equipment at the NMR Facility.
  2. Those not following the policies of the NMR facility will have their access to the facility revoked.
  3. Only authorized users may operate the instruments in the NMR facility. Using someone else's account is strictly forbidden. Both the unauthorized user and the individual who allowed his/her account to be used will lose their NMR use privileges.
  4. Do not bring any magnetic materials, tools, or equipment in close proximity (within the red line) to the NMR magnet. The NMR magnetic fields may permanently damage watches, calculators, and certain credit cards. The attractive forces can also move the object uncontrollably towards the magnet and damage the magnets or probes, and may cause the magnet to quench. Magnet quench is the event that quickly vaporizes the liquid helium, emptying the magnet in a matter of minutes. Be aware that there can be a risk of asphyxiation in a confined space when a magnet quenches.
  5. The liquid helium and liquid nitrogen used in the NMR magnets are extremely cold. Helium liquefies at 4
  6. The use of substandard and/or dirty NMR tubes can damage the NMR probes. Do not use "thrift" NMR tubes; only good quality NMR tubes are approved for use in this NMR Facility. NMR tubes must be kept externally clean! In addition, any NMR tube that does not fit properly into the spinner turbine (loose or tight) is not allowed. The recommended NMR tubes are:
  7. Wipe the NMR tubes and spinner with a Kimwipe before inserting them into the instrument. Tubes and spinners should be as clean as possible to prevent contamination and build up of dirt and grime inside the probe and on the spinner shelf. This build-up causes spinning and shimming problems.
  8. The NMR Facility will reserve a portion of the instrument time for maintenance, repair, upgrades, and to calibrate the instruments for the requested experiments. This time will vary from week to week as necessary. Magnets are normally filled with cryogens on Wednesday morning.
  9. Every NMR user must document their instrument usage in the NMR logbook.
  10. If a user reserves an overnight time slot that user is responsible for properly exiting the NMR session: removing the sample, logging-off the computer, and ensuring that NMR instrument is ready for the next user.
  11. If an experiment cannot be done due to spectrometer malfunction, it will be rescheduled on the next available scheduling cycle with priority over new requests. In this case, the person who wants to use the spectrometer need not submit a new request for the spectrometer time unless there are changes in the NMR experiment to be done. Those users who are reassigned will be notified in a timely fashion by a NMR facility staff member.
  12. If performing an experiment at temperatures other than ambient, sufficient time must be allowed for the probe to equilibrate to room temperature prior to the next user's time slot.
  13. Always use the depth gauge to position the sample correctly in the spinner prior to lowering it into the magnet. Make sure that your NMR sample tube is held tightly in the spinner so that it does not move during the experiment.
  14. Do not leave data files stored on the hard disks for more than two weeks. All the data will be deleted without warning every two weeks.
  15. Food and drink are not allowed around the NMR instruments.
  16. Do not bring or wear lab gloves when you enter the NMR labs. You must not wear lab gloves when operating a NMR instrument.
  17. No one is allowed to bring any chemical to the NMR labs. No one is allowed to prepare samples in the NMR labs.
  18. Do not leave any of your items in the NMR labs.
  19. Report problems with the instruments to the NMR Facility Manager immediately so that the situation can be resolved.