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Precollege Science Education

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Welcome  Welcome to the home page for Precollege Science Teachers.
K-12 Hands-on Science Activities  This page provides a list of science activities suitable for use by precollege teachers.
Math and Science
Teacher Initiative Program
The Office for the Advancement of Science, Engineering, and Mathematic Education (SEM-Ed) supports programs at CSULA in their effort to attract and retain students interested in SEM fields.  
Active and Cooperative Learning  The page provides an overview of active and cooperative learning as well as a detailed discussion of more than two dozen active and cooperative learning techniques
Science Education Web Sites  This page provides links to interesting science education web sites along with a description of each site.
Useful References  This page lists references in the following areas of teaching pedagogy: general pedagogy, active learning, cooperative learning, assessment, critical thinking, writing in the sciences, learnng styles, the electronic classroom, ethics in science and scientific literacy.
Books on Science Topics  This page lists books on various topics in science as well as biographies of scientists.

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