Find a Job On Campus

On-campus student jobs are a great way to gain skills and experience in a professional setting. No experience is required to apply to many student positions on campus and work hours are flexible.

Where to Find Student Jobs

Career Center

The Career Center coordinates the following student assistant jobs within departments across campus. 

  • Student Assistant – Work in a campus department providing office support, student services, public safety, IT support or media support, for example. 
  • Instructional Student Assistant – Work in an academic setting as a tutor, lab assistant, library assistant or undergraduate researcher, for example. 

Student Assistant Eligibility

  • Undergraduate students must be currently enrolled at Cal State LA with the primary goal of achieving a degree
  • Graduate or doctoral students must be currently enrolled at Cal State LA
  • All students must not be academically disqualified

Student Assistant Hours

Students can work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session and 40 hours per week while classes are not in session. Work hours may vary depending on the department's needs. 

Student Assistant Job Postings and Application

Scroll down this webpage to learn how to apply for student assistant positions.

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a federally funded program administered by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office that provides part-time employment opportunities to earn money to help pay education expenses through on and off-campus jobs. Contact the Federal Work-Study Program for more information.

Federal Work-Study Job Listings

Search for jobs on Cal State LA Handshake by filtering for "On-Campus" jobs. Federal Work-Study jobs include the code "FWS" in the job title.

University-Student Union

The University-Student Union (U-SU) posts student assistant positions serving the U-SU departments. Opportunities can include working with event services or supporting student engagement programs. Contact the U-SU for more information.

University-Student Union Job Listings

Search for jobs on Cal State LA Handshake by filtering for "On-Campus" jobs.

University Auxiliary Services

The University Auxiliary Services (UAS) coordinates a wide range of student jobs. Opportunities can include supporting a campus department with administrative duties or helping students succeed through tutoring and peer mentoring.

View Jobs: UAS Employment Website

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management office coordinates the graduate student positions listed below.

  • Graduate Assistant - Assist faculty or teaching staff with professional and technical duties associated with the subject or program in which the graduate student is doing work.
  • Teaching Associate - Practical teaching experience in the field related to their study. Assignments are primarily involved with class and lab instruction.

Graduate student positions are posted on the Human Resource Management website under Faculty and Academic Personnel Employment Opportunities.

View Jobs: Human Resource Management Website

How to Apply for Student Assistant Positions

Student worker helps a student at a department front desk

Search Job Postings

Create your free student account on Cal State LA Handshake. Go to "Jobs" and filter by "On-Campus".

Submit the Student Employment Application

All positions require that you submit the Student Employment Application on Handshake. Your application should be customized to each job position. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to get help with writing a good application, résumé and cover letter. You can get started using the handouts and the résumé and letter builder on our Résumés and Cover Letters webpage.

Prepare for the Interview

If you are being considered for the position, you will be asked to attend a professional interview. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to practice your interview skills. You can get started using the handouts and interview practice tool listed on our Interview Skills webpage.

Hiring Process for Student Assistant Positions

If you have received a job offer for a student assistant or instructional student assistant position, we will process your hire. Use the links below to get started.