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We connect you with internships and jobs using Handshake. Handshake is a job site for college students. You can explore career options, find opportunities that can launch your future career, and connect with employers interested in hiring Cal State LA students.

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When you complete your Handshake profile, you can receive personalized job recommendations allowing you to discover internships and jobs that are relevant to you. Employers are also better able to reach out to you with opportunities and event invitations. 

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Your profile informs employers that you have the education and skills they require. Keep your education section updated to show employers you meet their needs. 

We provide a few quick tips below. For more advice, read the article How to Drive Profile Completion provided by Handshake. 

  • Major – Employers will search for students in certain majors. Choose your major from the list that pops up.
  • School year – Some employers look for students in a specific school year (e.g., junior, senior, master's, alumni).
  • GPA – Some industries require a certain cumulative GPA.

Make your profile public so employers can find you. If you would like help completing your profile, connect with a career advisor for support.

My Career Interests

The career interests section helps Handshake recommend jobs, events, and articles that match what you want. We recommend entering this information.

We provide a few quick tips below. For more advice, read the article Update Your Career Interests provided by Handshake.

  • Job type – Select internship, on-campus jobs, and full-time jobs to see what you can do today and in the future.
  • Location – Select cities where you would like to work and Handshake will show you jobs in that area.
  • Jobs/Job functions – Select all the job activities that interest you from the list provided.
  • Expected graduation – Enter the month and year when you expect to complete your degree.

If you are unsure about your career interests, connect with a career advisor for support. We can help you explore career paths.

  • Employer page: Reviews – Search employers and read the reviews posted by college students who have worked at the company.
  • Employer page: Interviews – Search employers and read the interview tips posted by college students who have interviewed with the company.
  • Employer page: Students who've worked here – Search employers and see students who have indicated they've worked there. If you make your profile public, you can see their profile and message them to learn more about their experience.

Attend group sessions and events to learn things about companies you can't get online. You can also make an impression and share why you’re a good fit for a specific role with a 15-minute video chat.

Download the Handshake app from the App Store or Google Play. Login and kick off your college-to-career journey.  

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