Student Testimonials

MS Accountancy

Christopher Huang The MS Accountancy program at CSULA enabled me to rapidly progress, both personally and professionally, through a variety of academic and professional stimuli - including an international research conferences and a wide array of business organizations. I most value the engaging faculty and staff who took the time to enrich students with more opportunities, feedback, and advice inside and outside of the classroom. My time in the program was packed with vibrant and memorable interaction!”

Christopher Huang, M.S. Accountancy
UC Berkeley Alumnus

Samara Maciel Coming in with a non-business background into the MSA program was challenging but nevertheless a great experience. The faculty have numerous years of industry experience that provided a practical perspective as well as first-hand knowledge of the accounting field. I took courses that bolstered the development of the skills and knowledge that I know will be necessary. This program was an amazing experience and I know my experiences here will help me throughout my future career.”

Samara Maciel, M.S. Accountancy
UC Santa Barbara Alumna

Huimin Cheng I definitely want to share my wonderful experiences here. As an international student, I felt welcomed from the very first day I landed at this university. The professors are very nice, they always inspire us to dig deeper into accounting knowledge and encourage us to serve the community. The staff are very friendly, always willing to help us. I also met lots of new friends, who made my life colorful and much easier in the US.”



HuiMin Cheng, M.S. Accountancy
Henam Normal University Alumna


Remi de la Rocha I’m extremely proud to say that I am an alumnus of Cal State L.A. This institution has given me the confidence and skills I have needed to succeed in the healthcare business. The College of Business and Economics taught me the fundamentals of business and the science of management, which has been integral in the advancement of my career to this day.”



Remi de la Rocha, M.B.A.
Director of Provider Network Management, AltaMed

Rainie Pu The program is wonderful! The professors are experts in business and the courses are helpful. I did inspiring and interesting projects with many outstanding classmates. The knowledge and experience learned from the classes and teammates were just what I wanted. I am confident that the program will bring me future success and a more colorful life.”


Xiaoyu (Rainie) Pu, M.B.A.

National Academy of Chinese Theatre

Cathy Jin I didn’t know what to expect when I began the MBA program at Cal State LA. I only knew that it was going to be tough juggling work and school, and I just wanted to get my degree as soon as possible. While it was tough, I learned a lot, and surprisingly had fun earning my degree. The professors truly cared; they were passionate about what they taught and challenged me to think analytically. My classmates, who came from varied backgrounds, enriched my education and lent a hand when I stumbled. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge I gained, the experiences I had, and friendships I formed while earning my MBA.”

Cathy Jin, M.B.A.
UCLA, Alumna

MS Healthcare Managment

Louis Rubino I received my MS in Health Care Management in 1979 from Cal State LA. While in the program, I had my foot in the door at the brand new Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as an accounts payable clerk. I was able to use my academic training to augment my hospital experience and move into lower level management, beginning as a cost analyst and then an administrative supervisor and then a senior administrative supervisor. I consider this my breakthrough into health care administration and the combination of school and work well prepared me for a long career in Los Angeles as a hospital administrator, as an adjunct faculty member, a professor and a hospital governing board member. My degree at Cal State LA was of value and gave me the confidence and knowledge to have and continue to have a very satisfying career.”

Louis Rubino, Ph.D., FACHE
Chair and Professor, Department of Health Sciences
California State University, Northridge
University of Southern California alumnus

Shaina Rivera First and foremost, I am proud to be an alumna of Cal State LA's Healthcare Management program! My experience with the MS HCM program has been nothing less than remarkable as it has enabled such personal and professional growth. Here, I was able to learn fundamental business and management skills necessary to think critically and to act judiciously. More importantly, I am privileged to have been surrounded with such knowledgeable, diverse faculty with years of industry experience that empowered their students! This program connected me to many brilliant and ambitious individuals within the healthcare field, some of who are now my dear friends with whom I continue to trade ideas and recommendations. One tangible outcome after completing this program was my professional advancement. I was shortly promoted to a Project Manager within my organization and I have the great responsibility of overseeing multiple programs and initiatives. I credit this to my experience with the MS HCM program.”

Shaina Rivera, M.S. HCM
Project Manager at Cedars-Sinai Medical Delivery Network
UC Santa Barbara alumna

Jorge Esquivel Prior to starting the MS HCM program at California State University, Los Angeles, I had very little knowledge of what being a leader in healthcare actually meant. The only experience I had prior to me starting the program was through volunteer work with a local organization that would put on health fairs for the community. The MS HCM program at CSULA helped me to learn and grow … I was able to not only learn from my professors who had years of experience in the industry, but also from my peers who were all early careerist dedicated to making healthcare there lifelong profession. Attending this program allowed me to understand how dynamic and exciting working in healthcare actually is. It allowed me to recognize how complex the environment can be and how necessary it is to have the right leadership. Lastly, by working with my fellow peers and professors it gave me an opportunity to grow personally, and as a future leader. …

While in the MS HCM program, I was an Administrative Intern for Riverside University Health System, and later became an Administrative Analyst with our performance excellence department. Currently I am the Administrative Fellow for Health Plan Operations and Strategy as well as Ambulatory Care & Clinical Services for Kaiser Permanente Northwest. The program at Cal State LA opened the gates for me to become an Administrative Fellow for one of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations in the nation. There is no doubt that without the mentorship and knowledge of Cal State LA professors, peer to peer networking, and the overall learning experience that the MS HCM program offers I would not be where I am at today.”

Jorge A. Esquivel, M.S. HCM
Administrative Fellow, HPOS/Ambulatory Care & Clinical Services, Kaiser
Permanente Northwest
CSU San Bernardino alumnus

Marco Cifuentes Obtaining my M.S. HCM from Cal State LA allowed me to better see and understand the entirety of the healthcare industry. I was able to learn topics from several of its segments such as finance, governance, information technology and much more. I was able to connect with other healthcare professionals and learn from their experiences and expertise. Ultimately, I was able to create friendships and networks that’ll help me succeed in our industry."

Marco Cifuentes, M.B.A., M.S. HCM
Lead Credentialing Analyst, City of Hope National Medical Center
Cal State LA Alumnus