CSULA AAAS | Learning Outcomes

Current Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the breadth of Asia, its culture, people and society
  2. Demonstrate knowledge about Asian America, its origin, immigration history, and its relationship with other ethnic groups
  3. Explain the connections between Asia and America through migration, trade and war, and the connection between the localized and the global
  4. Demonstrate writing skills by researching and writing about Asia and Asian America
  5. Demonstrate oral skills through presentations of reading, current events, and research on Asia and Asian America
  6. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, quantitative reasoning, and information literacy through formulating and executing an original and analytic research project
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the connection between Asian American and other racial/ethnic groups in the United States through comparative and team-taught courses in Ethnic Studies and Diaspora Studies