Make an Appointment

Scheduling Options

Students interested in receiving mental health services can schedule an appointment through the following options:

  • Call: 323-343-3300. If no one answers, leave a message with a call-back number. CAPS staff check messages regularly during service hours and return calls.
  • In-person: Stop by the 2nd floor of the Student Health Center

What to Expect

Most first-time appointments are a brief assessment with a licensed psychotherapist or by an intern supervised by a licensed professional. This initial visit is used to:

  • assess your level of risk
  • clarify your reasons for seeking CAPS services, and
  • determine next best steps, which can include individual counseling or support groups

Depending on your circumstances, we may schedule a same-day triage appointment. When you speak with CAPS about your appointment, tell us if you have experienced any of the following within the last two weeks:

  • thoughts of harming yourself or others
  • trauma (such as sexual trauma, physical abuse, or the death of someone close to you)
  • being stalked or someone being violent with you
  • concern that a child is being sexually abused or neglected, an elderly or dependent person is being abused, or a Cal State LA student is suicidal or homicidal
  • hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things)
  • diagnosis of a new serious illness
  • discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization