Concerned About a Student?

Faculty, staff, and students may become concerned about a student in distress or whose behaviors are concerning to others.

Consultation with CAPS

If you are concerned about the mental health of a student, you can walk the student to CAPS or call 323.343.3300.


To seek advice about a student in distress, please make a CARE Team report. A CARE Team report notifies CAPS in addition to other members of the CARE Team who may be more suited to help the student than CAPS.

The CARE Team is a campus resource for students, faculty and staff who have concerns regarding alarming, problematic, and/or disruptive student behavior. The team responds to non-emergency concerns and uses a proactive approach to discuss potential problems, intervene early, and develop appropriate courses of action for referred students.

The goal of the CARE Team is to support students who may be in distress and/or whose behavior is of concern to others before they rise to crisis levels.

To learn more about the CARE Team or to make a report, click on CARE Team.

Immediate Assistance

If you need immediate assistance, please call University Police at 911 or 323.343.3700.