Concerned About a Student?

Faculty, staff, and students may become concerned about a student in distress or whose behaviors are concerning to others.

Consultation with CAPS

If you are concerned about the mental health of a student, you can walk the student to CAPS or call 323.343.3314.


The Cal State LA CARE Team serves as a core resource for faculty and staff to refer “students of concern.” This means students who are profoundly struggling, overwhelmed, experiencing unforeseen traumatic experiences or basic needs insecurity, etc. This also means students whose behavior is causing alarm or significant disruption.

CARE Team Website

Community Care

Community Care is a new program at Cal State LA dedicated to fostering a safe, welcoming environment through a transformative justice lens. The program relies on trained Community Care Advocates to assess and peacefully diffuse a situation that may be of concern, minimizing the need to involve public safety.

Community Care Website