Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services can assist eligible students in the analyzing and organizing of information presented during the live lecture and is not intended to substitute the students class attendance or participation. Eligible OSD students may request their note-taking accommodation via their OSD Online account.

OSD student information is kept confidential (anonymous), unless otherwise requested by the OSD student.

Course Eligibility

Eligible Courses:

  • Synchronous courses (live in-person; required attendance).

Non-Eligible Courses:

  • Asynchronous courses (pre-recorded; optional or no required attendance).
  • This may also include, but is not limited to, courses where the professor only conducts independent coursework, activities, fieldwork, internships, group projects, one-on-ones, or discussions.

If you believe your non-eligible course is eligible for note-taking services, please contact OSD Note-taking Services regarding your request.

At the start of each semester, eligible OSD students who require the support of their note-taking accommodation need to complete the following:

  1. Request note-taking services for your course or courses via your OSD Online Services page.
  2. Confirm your note-taking requests via your OSD Online Services - Note-taking Services page.
  • Before confirming your request, we recommend reviewing the course and its available materials. You may determine you no longer require note-taking services for a particular course.
  • By confirming your request for a course, you are verifying that you still require the support of your note-taking accommodation and that we may either assign the available student note-taker or begin the recruitment process.
  • If you do not confirm your request, we will notify you via email regarding it is pending.

Confirm a Note-taking Request:

  1. Log into your OSD Online Services - Note-taking Services page.
  2. For each course you have requested note-taking services, "Confirm Now" will be listed below each set of course details. Click "Confirm Now" to confirm your request.
  3. Once you have confirmed your request, if a student note-taker is not to be assigned to the course within five business days following your confirmation date, and you still require the support of your note-taking accommodation, please contact OSD Note-taking Services immediately.

Note Delivery

For our office to provide this accommodation as mandated by the ADAAA, we primarily utilize the support of your Cal State LA peers as volunteer student note-takers to meet the goal of this service to “deliver” notes to eligible OSD students.

Student note-takers will typically upload notes to the OSD Online system. Whenever the student note-taker is to upload a file, the online system will notify the OSD student that notes are available for download and how to access them.

If you need assistance with the process or have any other questions regarding note-taking services, please contact OSD Note-taking Services or visit the main office in SS 1320.

OSD welcomes all matriculated students who may be interested in becoming an OSD Notetaker, and who are interested in providing this vital service for students with disabilities. If you take accurate, detailed, and legible notes, we invite you to apply following the steps located under how “To sign up...” and access our Canvas page provided below, where you will find our online orientation, or contact [email protected] regarding any questions you may have.

OSD Notetaker Benefits include:

  • Priority registration
  • Stipend (up to $125.00 per course / beginning Spring 2023)
  • Community service hours

Please also be advised that university employees (part- and full-time) are not eligible for the stipend but are still eligible for priority registration and community service hours.

To sign up to become an OSD Notetaker, visit our CANVAS page:

  1. Go to Enroll in OSD Note-taking Services page in Canvas – you may need to log into the MyCalStateLA portal.
  2. Click “Enroll in Course.”
  3. Click “Go to the Course.”
  4. Review the PDF titled “How to Sign Up as a Note-taker” to complete the sign-up process.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]