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Alternative Media Production (AMP)

Phone:(323) 343-3140
Alternative Format Requests:OSD Online Services (AIM)
E-text Confirmations:E-text Confirmation Form

December 30, 2022 is the deadline to confirm your book titles for your E-text requests so that you can receive your E-text files on time for Spring 2023.

If you have already confirmed, we encourage you to check the Cal State LA Bookstore for any changes that may have taken place after you confirmed.

Make a Request

Please remember to complete the following steps to obtain your digital materials:

STEP 1: Make your Request

​​​Make your E-text accommodation requests for Spring 2023 as soon as possible. You can make your E-text requests or update requests at the OSD Online Services. A request is needed for each of the courses that you will need an E-text. A request alone will not ensure that your E-text is ready in a timely manner. You must confirm all book titles needed as E-text for requests to be worked on.

STEP 2: Confirm Requests

To confirm book titles, please submit receipts to [email protected] OR fill out the E-text Class and Production Confirmation form. We accept online purchase receipts as PDFs from the original online receipt. To save as a PDF, you can press control and P on a PC keyboard (CTRL+P) or command and P on a MAC keyboard (Command+P), choose Save as PDF and Save. We also accept completely visible and unaltered pictures of receipts of in-person purchases. Please submit all receipts to [email protected].

If you submit a receipt that has information that is cut off, not readable, obscured, or otherwise low quality, we may not be able to begin production. If you submit order or delivery confirmations that vendors like Amazon or the Cal State LA bookstore send you through email, we will NOT begin production. We also will not begin production if you submit DOR Purchase Orders or screenshots.

E-text Confirmation Form

To confirm a book title without a receipt, please click the link below and complete the E-text Class and Production Confirmation form as soon as possible. The information you provide is confidential and each student is attached to their own individual form so that it remains private and will only be used by AMPC/ATLC staff. Again, the sooner you complete this form or submit proof of payment, the sooner we can assess your situation and begin production for your digital materials. Completion of the E-text Confirmation form does not substitute proof of payment. No materials will be distributed to you unless you have provided the AMPC with acceptable proof of payment for the textbooks that you have confirmed for production. You can check the status of confirmed E-text requests by using the Alternative Formats link on the OSD Online Services

Textbook Information

You can obtain book titles listed for your courses through the Cal State LA Bookstore.

E-text Delivery

Your preferred format for your E-text will be delivered through OneDrive or Kurzweil. When your files are ready, you will receive an email with either a link to download your files or a notification that they are ready to be used in Kurzweil. Support for downloading files using Assistive Technology will be available through the ATLC by contacting the Assistive Technology and Alternative Media Coordinator at [email protected] for an appointment.


Books obtained from Bookshare do not require a receipt to be submitted. However, they must be confirmed if you wish to use them. You can confirm these books using the E-text Class and Production Confirmation form. For more information or to create an account for Bookshare please email the Assistive Technology and Alternative Media Coordinator at [email protected]. Note that not all books are available through Bookshare. For E-text requests, the AMPC labels the books it finds on Bookshare on the OSD Online Services in the Alternative Formats section. 

New Students

New students who have not used the E-text/Alternative Format service need to schedule an appointment with the Assistive Technology and Alternative Media Coordinator to set their preferred format by emailing [email protected]. Materials cannot be produced for you without setting a preferred format.