Student Research Opportunities

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The opportunity to engage in research at the undergraduate level is a longstanding tradition here at Cal State LA and is part of the student experience. Many faculty offer students the opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored research and there are also specific programs to support and mentor students in the research experience. The lists below are some current research, scholarship, and creative activity opportunities and programs provided by faculty available to students. There are others available through the university, college, and individual faculty members. If you do not see a program or opportunity that matches your specific interests, you can reach out to a faculty member for advice and opportunities.

The Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center is the largest municipal/regional forensic science laboratory in the country. The California Forensic Science Institute is committed to the advancement of the forensic sciences through a multidisciplinary program that focuses on research development, professional training, student support, and community engagement. The Hertzberg-Davis center is also home to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Scientific Services Bureau and the Los Angeles Police Department, Forensic Science Division. 

The Center for Contemporary Poetry and Poetics presents events and events to promote the full range of poetic voices from diverse cultural backgrounds and approaches to the genre; Promoting appreciation and understanding of contemporary poetry and poetics in a wide array of forms and styles; Encouraging research and preservation in contemporary poetry and poetics and stimulating the creation of new poetry By creating a forum for discussion, celebration, reading and performance of poetry. The Center for Contemporary Poetry and Poetics serves as a vehicle to bring together scholars, students, poets and the public for purposes of, establishing strong links with the community and other academic and cultural partners through the dynamic vehicle of poetry; Providing programming that is expansive, inclusive and of the highest quality to serve our varied and multicultural participants as effectively and inventively as possible.

The Center for Entrepreneurship's mission is to inspire and empower the entrepreneurial spirit of Cal State LA students, faculty, and alumni in order to accelerate upward social mobility and deepen the economic impact of innovation within our underserved communities. Our Center believes in the power of bold ideas; we pride ourselves in our ability to help those ideas, and the people who come up with them, thrive.

The Centers for the Study of Genders and Sexualities is a university-wide, interdisciplinary center housed in the College of Arts and Letters.  The Mission of the CSGS is to promote cutting-edge research and scholarship in gender and sexuality at the intersections of race, class, religion, ability, and nation. We maintain that empowering and socially relevant knowledge is generated most effectively through close interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars, students, and community members, both on and off campus.

The Center for Energy and Sustainability involves nine faculty members from eight interdisciplinary departments at Cal State LA who lead efforts in 3 research thrust areas. Several projects address short-term mitigations of current energy concerns, while some projects address long-term goals of moving away from carbon-based energy dependence.

The mission of the Chin Family Institute for Nursing is the advancement of nursing education, advocacy, leadership and action. The Chin Family Institute for Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles will serve as a center for nursing excellence with an emphasis on caring for diverse, underserved urban populations. Leaders in nursing and health care will view the Chin Family Institute for Nursing and the Patricia A. Chin School of Nursing as a primary source of research and training in urban health. The tenets of the Affordable Care Act that encourage prevention of disease and treatment of the whole person will be emphasized.

The CSULA-PSU PREM is a synergistic and interdisciplinary approach to carrying out materials science and engineering research and education activities.  Oscar Bernal (CSULA) and Vincent Crespi (PSU), along with 10 CSULA and 7 PSU scientists and engineers with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and materials science and engineering are work collaboratively focusing on fundamental research projects in materials science and engineering.

The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship program is the centerpiece of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s initiatives to increase diversity in the faculty ranks of institutions of higher learning. Established in 1988 by William G. Bowen, then the president of the Foundation, and Mellon program associate Henry Drewry, the MMUF program began with an initial cohort of eight member institutions. Each year, four new MMUF fellows are selected from among applicants in the rising junior class (last semester as a sophomore.) These newly selected cohorts of fellows join the previously selected cohorts of rising and graduating senior fellows, where they are provided with mentoring and financial support as they prepare for entry into PhD programs and eventual careers as scholars and faculty members.

The mission of the Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) Programs at California State University, Los Angeles is to make available to the American scientific research enterprise the creativity and intellectual talents of minority group members.

The Mobility Center is a service-learning based therapeutic exercise program located on the campus of Cal State LA. Our students gain real-world, hands-on experience working with clients from our East Los Angeles community and beyond.

The NASA DIRECT-STEM Program has an overarching goal of recruiting highly competitive, historically under-represented students, giving them direct NASA research experience in scientific computing and data analysis, and inspiring them to become future leaders in STEM-related professions.

The PACE Center includes labs, clinics, and outreach programs.

The Kinesiology faculty work on an array of exciting programs co-mingling instruction, research, and community service. The goal is to enhance quality of life by encouraging physical activity, as well as to document through research the effectiveness of these endeavors. Student involvement in these projects is welcome.