Proposal Submission

ORSCA, in collaboration with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP, a division of UAS), assist faculty and staff in applying for extramural funding, primarily, though not exclusively, from government agencies.

The ORSP provides services at all stages of the proposal submission and pre-award process, including budget preparation; project conceptualization and development; assistance with writing, research, and editing; connections with other academic institutions, government and community agencies, and businesses and industry; and proposal technical preparation and submission.

Planning to Submit a Proposal?


Rowynn Spencer
Pre-Award Sponsored Program Lead
[email protected]


Ernesto Argumaniz
Corporate Contracts Manager
[email protected]

Required Documents:

  • Submission and/or receipt deadline date
  • Copy of the funding announcement, or website address where the announcement can be found
  • A completed Intake Form (please indicate on the form if you need writing, proposal development, or editing assistance) 
  • A rough draft of the budget, using the Budget Template
  • Completed Financial Conflict of Interest Forms for all key personnel

The ORSP Pre-Award Analyst will provide you with an Approval Form for Externally Funded Contracts and Grants. Sign, obtain additional required signatures from your Department Chair and Dean, and return the form to the Pre-Award Analyst in ORSP by the agreed-upon deadline. 

Review your budget draft and make the necessary adjustments.

If computers or equipment are included in the grant budget, obtain vendor quotes and note other information, ie: nonstandard voltage requirements; any required installation, heating, cooling, or plumbing needs, as soon as possible.

If the application/proposal involves human subjectsuse of animals in researchhazardous substances, or recombinant DNA, consult with the Senior Proposal and Compliance Specialist to obtain required approvals.

Submit the complete proposal to ORSP 4-6 working days (to be determined by ORSP) prior to the grant submission deadline.