Competition Winners & Delegates

CSU Student Competition

Cal State University, Los Angeles Winners from the
37th CSU Student Research Competition at San Diego State University campus on
April 28-29, 2023

1st Place: Humanities and Letters, Undergraduate Session
Hazel Carias-Urbina
B.A. History, Minor in Latin American Studies
Conspirando en Los Angeles: History of Central American Solidarity Organizing at MacArthur Park
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Camille Suarez

1st Place: Humanities and Letters, Graduate session
Katherine Lainez
M.A. Latin American Studies
The Erosion of Family Caused by ‘Land Grabbing’ in Honduras: Migration, Gendered Expectations, and those left-behind in Honduras.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Enrique Ochoa

1st Place: Behavioral, Social Sciences, and Public Administration, Undergraduate session
Kimia Lavasani
B.A. Psychology
Exploring Jurors’ Qualitative Verdict Justifications Based on Jury Instructions
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alma Olaguez

Cal State University, Los Angeles Delegates from the 37th CSU Student Research Competition at San Diego State University campus on April 28-29, 2023

Kayci Hirakawa
B.A. Communication Disorders; Au.D. Audiology
The Neuronal Measures of Auditory Processing in Speech Differentiation between English Monolinguals and Spanish-English Bilinguals
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Miwako Hisagi

Elicet Cifuentes
M.S. Kinesiology, Option I: Exercise Science
Critical health education: Using a cultural lens to teach young Latina girls about body image
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Saemi Lee
Juan Lindo
M.S. Kinesiology
"I’m Sorry You Feel That Way But That Wasn’t My Intention”: How to Apologize with Cultural Humility
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Saemi Lee and Dr. George Crocker

Farzana Yasmin Boby
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Comparison of activity classification performance based on internal and external accelerometry for stimulation-based Parkinson's disease therapy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Won

India Wesley-Cardwell
B.S. Biological Sciences, Option in Microbiology
Title: Effect of TH 17 cytokines on the antimycobacterial activity of lung epithelial cell secretions
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edith Porter

Jin Hyeok Yoon
M.S. Chemistry
Regiochemistry of the Singlet Oxygen Ene Reaction in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mathias Selke and Dr. Yangyang Liu

Harry Bevir
M.S. Biological Sciences
Dynamic localization of circadian clock proteins Rbp2 and KaiB in cyanobacteria
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Cohen