Annual Student Symposium Competition Winners

With appreciation, Associate Vice President for Research, Dr. Jeffrey Underwood, commends the following students for participating in the Annual Student Research Symposium at Cal State LA on March 3, 2023:

Phi Kappa Phi

India Wesley-Cardwell | 1st Overall Oral Presentation | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edith Porter
Farzana Yasmin Boby | 2nd Overall Oral Presentation | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Won
Kayci Hirakawa  | 3rd Overall  Oral Presentation| Faculty Mentor: Dr. Miwako Hisagi

Campus Delegates to the 37th CSU Student Research Competition at San Diego State University
Kayci Hirakawa | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Miwako Hisagi
Kimia Lavasani | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ama Olaguez
Elicet Cifuentes |Faculty Mentor: Dr. Saemi Lee
Juan Lindo | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Saemi Lee and Dr. George Crocker
Katherine Lainez | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Enrique Ochoa
Hazel Carias-Urbina | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Camille Suarez
Farzana Yasmin-Boby | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Won 
Jin Hyeok Yoon| Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yangyang Liu
Harry Bevir | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Cohen
India Wesley-Cardwell | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edith Porter

Congratulations to the Cal State LA delegate winners:
Hazel Carias-Urbina: First Place; Humanities and Letters - Undergraduate
Katherine Lainez: First Place; Humanities and Letters - Graduate
Kimia Lavasani: First Place; Behavioral, Social Sciences, and Public Administration - Undergraduate