Minor in Psychology

A minor consists of a formal aggregate of courses totaling fifteen or more units.  At least six units must be upper division and taken in residence at Cal State LA.

A minimum of C (2.0) grade point average is required in all course work taken to complete the minor program. 

A minor may not be taken in the same subject as the major. The minor will be noted on the student's transcript if the student's minor program has been approved by the offering department and the student completes all requirements for the minor before, or concurrently with, requirements for the bachelor's degree.


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Check out our Advisement page or scroll below for more information about the minor in Psychology.

Declaring a Minor in Psychology

Students who are interested in pursuing a minor in psychology will need to file a Request for New Undergraduate Major or Minor Form. The form must be submitted to the Psychology Department Office for approval and signature.

After approval has been obtained from the Department Chair, the form is submitted to Enrollment Services in Administration 409 for processing.

Semester Requirements for the Minor (26 units)

The Psychology minor is available to students majoring in other fields, and requires 26 units of lower and upper division psychology courses. 

Lower Division Required Courses (9 units)

Upper Division Required Courses (3 units)        

Electives (9 units)

Select 9 units with advisor assistance.  Below is a list of all psychology electives to choose from.  Please note: PSY 1500 and several GE blocks are prerequisites to most upper-division psychology courses.


Group I : Developmental

Group II: Social/Community

Group III: Brain, Behavior, and Cognition

Group IV: Individual/Abnormal

Group V: Methodology

Applied Psychology/Community Engagement Category

*Courses are transferable and may be taken at a community college.