Community Service

PSY 3950 - Field Experience in Psychology

Each semester, the Department offers up to three units of academic credit for volunteer service through the PSY 3950 Field Experience in Psychology course. The course provides students an opportunity to study psychological principles of behavior in nonlaboratory settings, which may involve observation and participation in community, clinical, educational, business or other organizational settings.

Note: Although PSY 3950 may be repeated for a total of 6 units, only 3 units can be applied to the Psychology BA elective coursework. PSY 3950 is graded CR/NC. Department approval required.

To inquire about PSY 3950, call the Psychology Department at (323) 343-2250. Or visit us in KH C3104.

To register: You will need to fill out a Blue Permit Slip, available in the Psychology Department office. 


Service Learning

Service Learning (SL) is an aspect of an academic course, like PSY 4450 Community Psychology - Service Learning, that allows students to provide needed volunteer service to disadvantaged communities that utilizes students' academic knowledge and skills. Service Learning classes require students to provide community service as a means of applying their course-related knowledge and skills to community problems. Service Learning thus benefits both the student and the community. Course readings and lectures expose students to theoretical and conceptual issues within psychology that can be applied to community service. In-class discussions and exercises, as well as reflection papers, facilitate students' understanding of how their real-life service experiences relate to the academic information presented in class