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Developmental Research Labs

developmental labs

Corinne Bower ► Child Development and Learning Lab

Lab: KH D3073

Email: [email protected]

Research interests include understanding the equity gap in young children's school readiness skills and ways to reduce it. This involves designing and examining the effectiveness of educational interventions created to help children's early science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning. These interventions include hands-on activities, like block-building, as well as educational app use in both early home environments and formal educational settings, like classrooms.


Robert Kennison ► Silver Eagle Lab on Aging, Cognition, and Emotion

Lab: KH C3105

Email: [email protected]

The Silver Eagle Lab on Aging, Cognition, and Emotion focuses on age-related changes in cognition and emotion regulation. Current research directions include 1) the positivity effect in aging, and 2) longitudinal assessment of age changes in memory and cognition and the individual differences predictors of those changes.


Alma Olaguez ► Legal Attitudes Lab

Lab: KH D3073A

Email: [email protected]

The Legal Attitudes (LA) Lab examines factors that may impact children and adults in the legal system. Specifically, our research examines factors that affect children's performance during legal interviews and how those factors affect jurors' evaluations of children in court.


Ji Son ► Learning Lab

Lab: KH C165

Email: [email protected]

Research focus: How can we help all students learn hard things? The CalStateLA Learning Lab conducts research on this question and other important questions about learning and development to address major issues in education. Our lab (in partnership with the UCLA Teaching and Learning Lab) has developed a unique interactive statistics textbook (check it out at to study how to promote strong and flexible learning in statistics and data science.



Social Psychology Lab