International Students

We welcome you to experience the benefits of living on campus. Please read through all the information below to successfully apply for housing.

Given the evolving situation with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to determine at this time what changes to operations in student housing and residential life may occur in Academic Year 2020-2021.

The online housing application for fall 2020 is closed.

For new students admitted for spring 2021, the application process will begin in late October, early November. We will make a concerted effort to provide timely updates as we know more; please check our website and your email account for the latest information.

I am a newly matriculated student. Can I apply for housing?

Yes! If you are an international student who has been admitted to Cal State LA and will be attending classes to obtain a degree, you are eligible to apply online to live on campus.

I am an international student student accepted to a short-term international program. Can I apply for housing?

Yes! International students accepted to the Study in LA or Exchange Program are eligible to apply to live on campus.

Housing Application Highlights

The information below details the 2020-2021 new admit housing process.

  • The entire application is available online.
  • New admits will be required to submit a $340 initial payment upfront along with the Housing Application/Agreement (includes application fee) to participate in the housing process.
  • Nine-Month Agreement! We are offering new nine-month housing agreements for next academic year. Nine-month agreements permit students to remain in their apartments for the winter intersession period. Therefore, students who are contracted for the academic year and are continuing enrollment into the spring 2021 term will not have to check out of the residential community during the one-month campus break period.
  • The Medical Accommodation Request Process is outlined in the FAQ section below.
  • Cancellation Policy –Students with a housing assignment who are no longer interested in residing on-campus must submit a cancellation request form. When submitting a cancellation, a portion of your initial payment is refundable ($40 non-refundable, $300 refundable).
  • Housing Waitlist Process — Assignments are based on space availability. If demand for spaces exceeds available spaces, a waitlist will be maintained.

Requirements to Live on Campus

In order to qualify to live on campus, a student must:

  • Satisfy the $100 ECD (the enrollment confirmation deposit is required unless your classification or program does not require an ECD payment i.e. Graduate Students and International Students).
  • Intend to enroll full time at Cal State LA fall 2020 (Undergraduate=12 units; Graduate=8 units).
  • Be in good financial standing with the University (a student cannot have outstanding balances or defaults of official payment plans established with the University Collections Office).

Information You Will Need To Successfully Complete the Application

To complete the online application and License Agreement please have the following items available:

  • “MyCalStateLA” username and password
  • Emergency Contact Information (First and last name, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Missing Persons Contact Information (First and last name, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Debit, Credit or Checking Account Information — In order to officially complete your online application, you will need to submit a $340 payment at end of the application after submitting your License Agreement.

The Process

In order to successfully participate in the Housing Application Process, you will need to complete the following steps:

2020–2021 Housing Agreement/Move-In

The official start of the license agreement is Sunday, August 23, 2020. The opening of the halls for student move-in will begin the week prior. Continuing students and New Admits will be invited to move into their fall housing assignments by appointment. Students must meet these eligibility requirements to move in.

Unit Enrollment (Undergrad: a minimum of 12 units; Grad: a minimum of 8 units)

Payment (Paid in full or payment plan established with University Loans and Collections)

TB Clearance (submitted and cleared TB review with University Health Center)

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Applicable Only to First-year and Transfer Students Admitted for Fall 2020 Term.)

Only students who have paid their $100 ECD to confirm enrollment with Cal State LA can obtain access to the online housing application and License Agreement. Once you pay the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD), it will take 2–3 days for you to gain access to apply online through the Housing Portal. You won’t receive an email alert about this, so we encourage you to try logging on to the portal daily. For more information about submitting the ECD, visit the Admissions Website.

During this step in the process, students are required to complete the online housing application, student profile, meal-plan selection, payment-schedule option, License Agreement and Consent Form (for those under 18). All of the above sections are to be completed online with the exception of the Consent Form, for residents under the age of 18, which is a paper form that must be signed and mailed to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

  • Submit online the 2020–2021 Housing License Agreement and pay the $340 fee online when redirected to CashNet. If you pay cash or with a check, please submit a copy of your receipt.
  • If you are under the age of 18, submit a Consent Form to Housing and Residence Life. This step must only be completed by applicants who are under the age of 18. The Consent Form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian who agrees with the terms and conditions of the 2020–2021 License Agreement to provide consent authorization for medical treatment in case of an emergency.
  • Create your student profile on the Housing Portal. The student profile is a list of questions that will help us identify roommate and/or housemate matches.

All newly admitted students must make an out-of-pocket initial payment of $340.

Payment Options:

  1. Online (Credit, Debit, E-Check): After you’ve completed the signature page in the Housing Portal, you will be redirected to the University’s CashNet system. The system will guide you step by step. After submitting your payment information, you will need to click the “Return to the Housing Application” at the bottom of the CashNet receipt page. This step redirects you back to the Housing Portal and ensures your payment confirmation information is been sent to our office.
  2. In-Person (Cash, Check or Money Order): To make an in-person payment, please visit the Cal State LA Cashier’s Office located on campus in the Administration Building Rm 128. Tell the staff you want to pay the $340 Fall 2020 Housing Initial Payment. Bring your receipt to the Housing Office.
  3. Mail (Check or Money Order): You may mail in a check or money order to the Cal State LA Cashier’s Office. Please include on the check or money order your name, campus ID number (CIN#) and “Fall 2019 Housing Initial Payment.” Mail it to: Cal State LA Cashier’s Office, 5151 State University Drive, Administration 128, Los Angeles, CA 90032.
  4. Foreign Currency: Please go to Flywire to make your payment using a foreign debit or credit card, international wire transfer, or other local payment options from your home country. First-time users will be asked to create a Flywire user account. The system will provide you with instructions throughout the process.

University policy requires that all residents provide proof every year that they are free of tuberculosis or not at high risk for tuberculosis and require a TB test. A TB clearance is required prior to moving in and does not have to be completed at the time you apply. To meet this requirement, follow these steps:

Incoming Students

Continuing Students

  • Download and complete the Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Form.
  • Be sure to include your name, CIN, date of birth, and semester for which the you will first be enrolled.
  • Send to the Student Health Center via mail or fax:
    • Mailing Address: Cal State LA Student Health Center, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8411, Attention: Health Records
    • Health Records Fax: 323.343.6557.

The Health Center will notify the Office of Housing and Residence Life if TB Clearance has been approved or if additional steps must be taken by you, such as taking the TB exam.

Our 2020–2021 housing fees are listed on our rates and dates webpage. The 2020–2021 payment schedule is available online for your review.

Spring 2021 housing fees are generally posted to your student account no later than November. Based on your payment schedule selection, your spring 2021 fees will either be due in one payment (December 2020) or two payments (December 2020 and January 2021).

You MUST review your housing bill once you have been notified and follow the payment dates outlined on your student account to avoid late fees. Late fees are applied monthly for past due balances. All fees must be paid in full prior to a student’s arrival to campus in the fall and 10 days prior to the start of the spring term.

If you intend on utilizing financial aid you will be required to communicate with our department and provide your financial aid summary for review each semester. Please do not wait until the payment deadline to submit your financial aid summary for review. We strongly recommend selecting the installment plan to permit your second payment to align with the financial aid account release date.

Students seeking to use financial aid to assist in meeting their financial obligations for housing must ensure they have submitted all required documentation, registered outside scholarships with the scholarship office, and have accepted all aid needed to meet their obligations in full (Tuition, Fees, Housing and Meal Plan if applicable).

Residents continuing into the spring 2021 term are welcome to remaining living in housing during the winter break. Although students will have access to their space over the winter intercession period there are select spaces that will have some access limitations. Therefore during the application process students are asked to mark in the housing portal their interest to reside over the winter break, to help inform student placements. Note: any student approved to terminate their housing agreement at the end of the Fall 2020 term is ineligible for housing during winter break.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life will continue to accept housing applications and initial payments after the priority deadline BUT late applications will not be eligible to participate in the roommate search and selection process. All late applicants will be referred to the waiting list if space is limited.

Although participation in the waitlist process does not guarantee a student will receive a housing assignment, we still encourage students to remain on the waiting list as cancellations generally occur during late June, July and August. Waitlist students will be assigned to the next available bed regardless of room type preference as cancellations are received. Students placed on the waitlist can anticipate a review of their application for placement between June 30 and August 15, based on availability.

University housing availability after the priority deadline is not guaranteed, therefore it is highly recommended that new admits participating in this process in order to ensure campus on-campus housing for next year. Even if you are not sure of your plans, it is better to apply now and cancel if your plans change. Students must submit a request to cancel their housing assignments no later than July 23, 2020, to avoid prorated room and meal plan charges. All cancellation requests are subject to a $50 cancellation fee if approved. See the cancellation policy outlined below.

The fall cancellation request deadline is July 23, 2020. Students are responsible for submitting a Cancellation and Application Refund Request to The Office of Housing and Residence Life no later than the official cancellation date. This date is set to accommodate the required 30-day notification process outlined in our Housing Agreement. If approved for cancellation, students will be eligible to receive a partial refund of the initial payment. When completed by the deadline, fees that are assessed during a cancellation are $40 application fee and $50 cancellation fee.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life, in consult with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), is committed to assisting students who identify as “qualified individuals” with a documented disability find reasonable accommodations as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) policies and guidelines, on a case-by-case basis. If you are a “qualified individual” requiring a specific type of housing accommodation due to a medical condition or disability, please follow the appropriate steps to ensure your housing selection participation with medical/disability considerations.

You must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) by providing documentation about your condition and housing accommodation recommendations from your treating physician. For more information on the registration process, visit the OSD website, or contact them at 323-343-3140 or [email protected].

Despite your accommodation needs, you are required to meet all deadlines for the housing selection process in order to be eligible for housing selection participation and placement.

Students interested in one of the Themed Living Learning Communities for the 2020–2021 academic year should mark their interest under Living Learning Community (LLC) or themed community when completing their student profile in the online housing application. Students may show interest in more than one LLC or themed community, but note all LLCs/themed communities may require an additional application and/or enrollment in a class, special program affiliation or attendance to a minimum of programs to help develop the awareness in the community.

To learn more about the Themed Living Learning Communities, visit Themed Living Communities.

The Halisi Black Scholars Living Learning Community is designed to enhance the residential experience for students who are a part of or interested in issues regarding the Black community living on campus by offering the opportunity to connect with faculty, peers, and engage in programs that focus on academic success, cultural awareness and civic engagement. For recent news about Halisi Black Scholars program, read about their Civil Rights Service Trip.

Students applying for Halisi Black Scholars LLC must indicate their interest in their online housing application. Students with an indication of interest, a completed application, TB clearance, and a satisfied initial payment will receive an email from the Assistant Director of Residence Life inviting them to participate in a separate application process with detailed instructions to request qualification for placement into the community

The Cal State LA Housing and Residence Life community provides a Gender Neutral and Inclusive housing option. It is a voluntary environment where students can live in the same room with any other student regardless of sex, biological gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Students who live in this community will be expected to contribute positively to the community by offering support and encouragement for the living environment, respect for residents’ different motivations for choosing this living option, embrace and learn from experiences different from one’s own, actively participate in community events, and abide by all regulations outlined in the Student Guide and License Agreement.

Students applying for Gender Neutral and Inclusive housing must indicate their interest in their online housing application. Students with an indication of interest, a completed application, TB clearance, and a paid $340 initial payment will receive an email from the Director of Housing and Residence Life inviting them to participate in a separate application process with detailed instructions to request qualification for placement into the community.

If you are requesting to reside on campus for the 2020–2021 academic year as part of the Honors Housing program, you MUST submit the $340 Housing Initial Payment and complete all steps required in the housing selection process by the requested deadlines. Confirmation of honors student status and eligibility to select into Honors housing is determined by the Honors College. Please note that honors students are subject to the same eligibility criteria as all other students participating in the housing selection process.

Yes. If you are requesting to reside on campus for the 2020–2021 academic year, you MUST submit a $340 Housing Initial Payment and complete all steps required in the housing selection process by the requested deadlines. Athletes are subject to the same eligibility criteria as all other students participating in the housing selection process.