Simulation Center Facilities

map of PACSON Simulation Lab layout

The Simulation Center consists of a state of the art Nursing Simulation Laboratory, Physical Assessment Laboratory, Skills Laboratory, Nursing Adaptive Testing Computer Laboratory and dual debrief rooms.

The Simulation Laboratory contains the high fidelity Laerdal Family of Manikins, an adult male, birthing mother, infants and small child.  High fidelity manikins can be programmed to simulate realistic vital sign functions such as pulses, blood pressure, lung and heart sounds.  Simulated care experiences are recorded for replay and review. 

There are two debriefing rooms where observer participants can view projected simulation in progress.

The Physical assessment laboratory has 7 examination rooms equipped like an outpatient care clinic with exam tables, oto and ophthalmoscopes, and auditory testing equipment.

Hospital-relevant bedside skills can be mastered in the Skills laboratory environment which has 7 realistic patient care environments and low fidelity manikins. 

Task trainers such as intravenous arms, chests to practice invasive skills like chest tube placement etc are available for faculty led instruction and for open skills practice.

The computer laboratory has 32 computer stations for informatics instructions and course relevant computer adaptive testing.