Mission Statement


Core Values


  • Providing students with specialized knowledge and skills to become well-informed and engaged justice professionals.


  • Creating meaningful learning experiences by integrating technologies, civic engagement, and service learning into courses.
  • Creating partnerships to provide service and conduct applied research to inform 21st century policy and practice.


  • Being capable of making rational decisions and held responsible for personal behavior.
  • Fostering responsible and effective communication practices.


  • Embracing, establishing, and promoting intersectional differences throughout traditional social structures to ensure justice in the 21st century. This includes embracing difference, variety or multi-formity of the workplace and community.
  • Promoting all forms of justice, public awareness, and continuing eductaion while under our care.

We, the students, faculty, and staff of the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct that reflect the following values:


  • Be held accountable
  • Convey actions and behaviors that make a positive difference to peers and community
  • Meet ethical obligations and duties to others


  • Be vulnerable and truthful with ourselves
  • Be open and truthful in our relationships with others
  • Hold each other responsible with regard to honesty


  • Regard for the learning environment, policies, rules, and diversity
  • Respect and follow the School, College, and University's rules and regulations
  • Display conduct that reflects positively upon the School, College, and University
  • Treat everyone with civility and dignity


  • Make decisions incorporating the multifaceted nature of an issue
  • Consider all points of view when resolving conflict
  • Treat all people equitably
  • Provide equitable access to resources
  • Incorporate diverse readings and research perspectives


  • Exhibit behavior that reflects the standard we would like to see in the justice systems
  • Abide by the University's Code of Conduct and report behavior that violates the University's Code of Ethics