Cal State LA Hearing & Balance Clinic

Our goal at the Cal State LA Hearing and Balance Clinic in the Department of Communication Disorders is to provide high quality, affordable services and to support the well-being of our patients by improving communication with family, friends, and co-workers. 

We understand how important your sense of hearing is to your lifestyle, relationships, and physical and mental health.  At Cal State LA’s state of the art Hearing and Balance Clinic we offer a wide range of audiology services for patients, including free hearing exams for adults and children.  All diagnostic and hearing aid services are conducted by doctoral students in the profession of Audiology, supervised by experienced clinical faculty.  We provide our patients with outstanding services before, during, and after the hearing device selection process.


Statement of Inclusion

The aim of the Cal State LA Hearing and Balance Clinic is to establish an equitable learning environment to ensure that the perspectives and experiences of people from all cultural, linguistic, religious, gender, and sexual identity backgrounds are invited, welcomed, acknowledged, and respected.

Part of creating an open and equitable environment for clinicians, clients, supervisors, and support staff is ensuring the equitable and fair treatment of one another.  Therefore, sexism, racism, gender, religious or cultural bias, and any form of hate speech, will not be tolerated. Behaviors that are perceived as disrespectful or threatening, whether physical or emotional, should be immediately reported to the Department Chair or Clinic Director.

Services offered include:

Comprehensive hearing tests

Tympanograms/acoustic reflex testing

Otoacoustic emissions tests (DPOAE/TEOAE)

Hearing aid evaluations and checks

Hearing aid purchases


Assistive listening

Hearing aid supplies

Hearing aids are the most effective way to treat most types of hearing loss. As with most medical technology, hearing aids have advanced significantly in the 21st century. Along with improved signal processing and subtle designs, hearing devices now use digital technology not only to address hearing loss more effectively but also to connect hearing aids to cell phones and tablets, and to improve speech understanding in especially difficult listening situations.  The Hearing and Balance Clinic at Cal State LA offers hearing care including diagnosis and treatment and support services to maximize benefit from hearing devices, while providing exceptional education and training for our doctoral students.  Our appointments are scheduled generously in terms of time so that your concerns are fully and compassionately addressed, and you can become confident users of hearing technology.

We are located in The Alhambra complex in the city of Alhambra.

1000 S Fremont Avenue
Building B-1 Suite B-10200
Alhambra, CA 91803-8800

There is ample parking in the main lot, and we validate our patients’ parking fees.  Entry is through the A6-A7 doors at the far end of the complex from the lot, down one floor, to the lower level by the elevator. Left from the elevators to the Cal State LA suite towards the end of the hallway.

To make an appointment for a hearing test or a check of your current hearing aids, please call 626-382-0255.