Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the advising center located?

The Rongxiang Xu advising center is located in Fine Arts 235. We are located above the Dean’s office.

What are the hours that the front office is open?

Our front office is open from 8am-6pm, Monday-Thursday and 8am-5pm on Fridays. Hours may vary based on university holidays.

Who is my advisor?

Advisors are grouped into 2 divisions.

If you are a student in Child Development, Public Health, Social Work, or Criminal Justice your advisors are: Liudmila Flores, Melissa Ruelas, Monica Ling, Jessica Llamas, Veronica Arroyo, and Yazlyn Nardo.

If you are a student in Exercise Science, Nutritional Science, Kinesiology, Nursing, Food Science & Technology, Communicative Disorders your advisors are: Ricardo Ramos, J. Gabriel Reyes, Chanelle Guillaume, Melanie Natividad, and Yazlyn Nardo

What can my advisor help me with?

Your advisor can help you to develop an educational plan, inform you of campus policies, refer you to additional campus resources, and can answer major specific questions.

What is the difference between drop-in advising and advising appointments?

Drop in advising does not require an appointment and is meant to answer quick, 15 minute questions. Advising appointments are scheduled in 30 minute increments and are meant for longer processes such as creating a plan for graduation, Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal forms, disqualification questions, and academic probation support.

When contacting my advisor, what information should I include in my e-mail? (ex: CIN)

When e-mailing your advisor, please include a subject line, your CIN, and your question. You may also include a call back number if you would like a return phone call.

What can I do if I would like to see an advisor, but there are no available appointments that work with my schedule? Can I schedule a phone appointment?

If you would like to see an advisor and there is not an available appointment that works with your schedule, an advisor may be able to work with you to schedule a phone appointment. Please call the Advising Center at (323) 343-5500 to schedule a phone appointment.

Is the Rongxiang Xu College Advising Center open during winter and summer?

Our advising center is open during winter and summer sessions. Hint: we are usually less busy during these times.

Can my advisor help me with graduate school and career planning?

Advisors can point out websites for the admission criteria of graduate school and career links. Our best advice to you is to seek career and graduate school advising from your faculty members (professors). They are experts in their field and able to provide invaluable information to you regarding a variety of careers and graduate school programs.

Should I think about getting a minor?

You may want to consider a minor if you spoke to your advisor and it was discussed that you need free elective units to reach the 120 unit minimum requirement.

Are there counseling or academic services available on campus for students besides those offered by their major advisor?

Yes. Students may obtain career counseling and job placement information from the Career Development Center, personal counseling from the Student Health Center, and tutoring and academic success training from the University Tutoring Center and University Writing Center. Students are strongly encouraged to make use of these excellent services. Campus Resources.

What is Academic Probation?

Academic probation occurs when a student’s GPA falls below the 2.0 university requirement. Our advising center will hold probation workshops to ensure that students are equipped with the resources that they need in order to succeed. However, we do recommend working with your advisor at the initial point of academic difficulty.

I transferred to Cal State LA from a community college. My advisor says I should get CSU GE Certification. Do I need GE Certification from my community college? What is CSU GE Certification?

The CSU GE Certification confirms that you have completed the lower division general education requirements for the CSU system.  To request GE Certification, please go to the community college you attended to request a CSU GE Certification. This is usually done when you order an official transcript.