Limited-Use Logos


Sizing and clear space suggestions for the logos provide guidance on how to place the logo in your communication projects. Many variables will determine how you will use the logo. In most instances the logo should appear as an “approved signature.” It should also be seen clearly but does not need to be the focal point. Headlines, text, photography, and media platform all play a factor in how and where the logo will appear.

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of competing text or graphic elements. Leaving space around the logo ensures that it will stand out appropriately and that other words and graphics will not appear attached to the logo.

The examples at right show minimum heights (in dark blue) and clear space (in maroon) for the Hero logos.


BRAND - hero original - clear space
BRAND - hero horizontal - clear space


For our new brand to have the most impact, the logo must always be legible. The key to selecting the right background is maximum readability. If it’s too difficult to read the typeface or recognize the logo, you should consider using a different background or adjusting the design so that the logo stands out with proper clear space. The following examples show unacceptable usage of the logo on various backgrounds.



When using the Hero Logo on a dark background, it’s OK to reverse the text only to white for maximum readability.


BRAND - hero original - reverse
BRAND - primary logo - bad background

Do not use the logo on complex textures.

BRAND - primary logo - bad background 2

Do not use the logo on backgrounds that
do not provide adequate contrast.

Brand - primary logo bad background 1

Do not use the logo over busy still



Maintaining the integrity of the Cal State LA logo is important to building a strong identity. The logo must be presented in a consistent and legible manner. Do not alter the logo in any way by changing or adding elements or using only portions of it.


  • Do not make the logo the most dominant image on the page.
  • Do not use more than one version of the logo on the same communication project.


Brand - incorrect usage - bad stretch

Do not stretch, squeeze or alter the
proportions of the logo.

Brand - incorrect usage - bad fonts

Do not customize the Cal State LA
typography. Do not change the fonts
or the colors.

Brand - primary logo - bad effects

Do not add special effects, such as
drop shadows, filters, textures or

Brand - incorrect usage - bad alignment

Do not realign the shield to the
typography, it must always appear
centered above the typography.

Brand - incorrect usage - bad tilt

Do not tilt or rotate the logo.

Brand - incorrect usage - bad custom

Do not create new logos, remove the
cityscape or customize the shield’s
interior by adding to or altering its contents.

Brand - primary logo - bad background

Do not reverse the colors of the skyline.
It should always be black buildings on
a white background.

Brand - incorrect usage - lores

Do not use scanned or low-quality
images of the logo. Use the original files.

Brand - incorrect usage - sentence case

Do not use the logo as a word in
sentence case.