Program Review

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Program Review includes, but is not limited to, analyses of student achievement of the program’s learning outcomes; retention and graduation rates; and, where appropriate, results of licensing examination and placement, and evidence from external constituencies such as employers and professional organizations.

Program Review typically involves the collection of data and findings about the mean­ing of the degree, the quality of learning, core competencies, standards of student performance, retention, graduation, and overall student suc­cess. Because of the commitment of students to their degree programs and the loyalty of faculty to their disciplines, program review has great power to influence the quality of the educational experi­ence. Program review can also provide insight into desirable future directions for the program and the institution.

In addition to implementing systematic program review, institutions are expected to periodically assess the effectiveness of their program review process. They can do so, for example, by review­ing the quality and consistency of follow-up after program reviews; determining the effective­ness with which the program review addresses achievement of program learning outcomes; and tracing how recommendations are integrated into institutional planning and budgeting.

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