Educational Effectiveness and Assessment Council

Educational effectiveness includes student learning outcomes assessment, teaching and learning effectiveness as it relates to student learning outcomes, and the support and enhancement of Cal State LA as a learning organization. The Council engages in planning associated with these areas and advises in the alignment of a systematic assessment program consistent with the campus strategic plan. The EEAC is an administrative advisory committee of the Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and Student Life and will meet three times a semester or as needed.


a) Advises the Vice Presidents and campus community:

  • in the development of a systematic long term campus assessment program
  • in the alignment of the assessment program with the campus strategic plan

b) Monitors:

  • prior WASC recommendations and current status
  • indicators of educational effectiveness at the institutional level
  • the achievement of program learning outcomes reported by academic programs and institutional research

c) Promotes:

  • dissemination and engagement of educational effectiveness data (including, but not limited to, NSSE, graduation rate, CLA)
  • inquiry into assessment, student learning, and program improvement (via workshops and fairs, in collaboration with CETL)

d) Supports:

  • a culture of evidence on campus
  • departmental and co-curricular assessment of student learning outcomes and alignment of these with institutional learning outcomes (via college assessment coordinators) 





Adur, Shweta*

Faculty, Sociology

Ayran, Frangelo

Assistant Dean, Student Wellness and Engagement


Director, Academic Technology

Brown, Karin E.

Dean, Graduate Studies

Cash, Regina

Associate Dean, Programs and Academic Innovation, PaGE

Saeki, Elina*

Faculty, Special Education and Counseling

Dennis, Jessica M.

Chair, Child and Family Studies

Dong, Jianyu (Jane)

Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

A.Dee Williams

Associate Dean, Charter College of Education

Garcia, Margaret

Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

Kennedy, John*

Faculty, Music

Giarrusso, Roseann

Chair, Sociology

Hafner, Anne L.

Chair, Applied and Advanced Studies in Education

Harris, Christopher

Faculty Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

Montanari, Simona*

Faculty, Child and Family Studies 

Salmassi, Tina*

Faculty, Biological Sciences

Loot, Ma Ledi Ham

Graduate Student Assistant

Miller, Jennifer

Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students

Moon, Sunny (Hye)

Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness

Sanchez, Mabel*

Faculty, Management

Peppers, Marla

Associate Dean, University Library

Pearce, Jade

Assessment Coordinator, Charter College of Education

Prabhu, Veena

Associate Dean, Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services

Roberts-Corb, Carol

Assistant Dean of Student Conduct, Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

Subrahmanyam, Kaveri

Associate Dean, College of Natural and Social Sciences

Mondin, Marina*

Faculty, XxxxxComputer Science

Minslow, Sarah*

Faculty, English

Weiss, Katherine

Associate Dean, Arts and Letters

Wild, Mark*

Faculty, History

Wu, Karen

Faculty, Psychology

Young, Angela

Associate Dean, College of Business and Economics

Yu, Alan

Senior Research & Assessment Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness

*College Assessment Coordinator

AGENDA and Minutes

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September 11, 2019



October 9, 2019



February 12, 2020



March 11, 2020



September 9, 2020



October 12, 2020



November 9, 2020