Assessment Ambassadors

2021 Assessment Ambassador Awardees

Temporary imageSara Minslow

College of Arts and Letters

Bookends: Assessing Writing in the MA English Program



Temporary imageShilpa Balan

College of Business and Economics

An Assessment Model of the Information Systems

Curriculum: Preparing Business Students for the Workforce


Temporary imageAnna Osipova

Charter College of Education

Special Education Credential Candidates

Knowledge and Skills Assessment (Mild to Moderate Specialization)



Temporary imageJames Kuo

College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

Lessons Learned from Catching "Cheaters": Policing Didn't Work

and Let Us Design Assessment to Embrace the Way Students Learn


Temporary image

Juily Phun

College fo Ethnic Studies

Oral History, Community Engagement, and Student Success



Temporary imageSimona Montanari

College of Health and Human Services

Assessing Critical Thinking, Written communication, and Quantitative Literacy in

Child Development majors: Evidence from before and during the pandemic



Temporary imageJennifer Garrison

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Assessing the Impact of Remote Learning on Students in Field-based Sciences;

How do we Identify and Remediate Critical Knowledge Gaps in Student Learning?


Temporary imageAzalea Camacho


Oral History, Community Engagement, and Student Success