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Assessment is the process by which academic institutions evaluate student progress in learning and success in achieving educational goals. Assessment of courses, programs, and University activities, involve among other things, a measure of student outcomes. Achievement may be assessed directly by measuring the changes, progress and/or gains that occur with students or indirectly, by using other indicators such as employment, employers' satisfaction and the percent of students who continue their education in graduate or professional programs.

The purpose of assessment is to assist in improving learning, teaching and academic advising at the individual, course, program and institutional levels. Assessment should be on-going, consistently applied, and based on teaching and learning goals and objectives.  Each academic department/division/school or program should utilize information from assessment to analyze and improve the effectiveness of its academic programs in such areas as curriculum, academic advisement, faculty development and student services. Data from outcomes assessment will not be used for cross-program rankings or comparisons of individual faculty.

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Dr. Veena Prabhu, Director of Assessment

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  • Dr. Veena P. Prabhu is a Professor of Management at the California State University, Los Angeles. Her academic career spans a wide spectrum of scholarships, beginning with undergraduate degrees in chemistry (B.Sc.) and law (L.L.B.), an MBA in marketing, M.S. in human resource management (HRM), and a PhD. in organizational change and development and HRM. She has published in the areas of creativity, entrepreneurship and management, and her current research focusses on social entrepreneurship, authentic leadership and higher education practices in student success and faculty affairs. Dr. Prabhu joined Cal State LA in 2007 and since then has served on various committees including the College Assessment Committee. She was three times the recipient of the college assessment mini grant and has presented the results of her assessment studies at CSUF’s Annual Conference on Assessment as well as at Cal State LA’s Assessment Faire. Currently, she serves as the Director of Assessment and serves on assessment-related committees, including the Educational Effectiveness and Assessment Council and the Faculty Learning Community for College Assessment Coordinators.