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Psychology Graduation 2021: CONGRATULATIONS to our graduates!

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Natural and Social Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student Award  

Congratulations to Rebecca Claire Yuan Sze Ying (Psychology)

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The Department of Psychology offers programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees. A minor is also available for students who are majoring in other fields in which a knowledge of psychology would be beneficial.

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of both humans and animals. Some psychologists are primarily concerned with learning more about human behavior through scientific methods; others are concerned with the application of psychological principles, as in psychotherapy, applied behavior analysis, and industrial psychology.

Fall 2021:

  1. Deadlines and dates for Fall 2021:




Fall Semester Begins; University Convocation


August 19

First Day of Classes; Fall Instruction Begins


August 23

Holiday - Labor Day; University Closed


September 6

Holiday - Veterans Day; University Closed


November 11

Fall Recess - No Classes; University Open


November 22-24

Holiday - Thanksgiving; University Closed


November 25-27

Fall Classes End


December 11

Final Exams


December 13-18

Fall Grades Due


December 22

Fall Semester Ends


December 23


Cal State LA
A Message from the Chair of the Department:

Thank you for deciding to pursue your education in the Department of Psychology. We hope that your academic career at Cal State L.A. will offer you many new intellectual challenges and rewards in the pursuit of your personal goals. 

In addition to a variety of formal academic experiences available in psychology classes, Psi Chi, our chapter of the national psychology organization, and the Psychology Colloquium provide students with numerous activities that should be of interest to you. 

The careful planning of your academic program is an important first step toward ensuring your success at Cal State L.A. Be sure to meet with an academic advisor or your mentor to help plan your academic program. 

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at (remember to give us 2 – 3 days to get back to you). 


The Psychology Department Team: 

Dr. Gaithri Fernando, Department Chair and Professor of Psychology 

Yoliet Vela-Garcia, Andrea Hernandez

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Major Specific Admission Requirements

The Psychology major has 'Major Specific Admission Requirements.'  Effective Fall 2018, supplementary admission criteria will be used for incoming freshmentransfer students, and current students interested in changing majors to psychology.  Please see below.

» If you are interested in applying to Cal State LA as an incoming freshman or transfer student, please review the information regarding Major Specific Admission Requirements for the psychology major. If you have questions about these requirements, you can contact the Office of Admissions at (323) 343-3901, send an email to, or visit the Student Information Center located in Student Affairs, Room 101.

» Current Cal State LA students interested in changing majors to psychology: please review the requirements and application.