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National Association of
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What is NAIT?  
The National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT) is a professional organization made up of various divisions.  These include: the industry division, the university division, the community college division, and finally, the student division.  The purpose of NAIT is to support degree programs in Industrial Technology that prepare management-oriented technical professionals.  Industrial Technology programs typically contain both management and technical curriculum components. 

Why Should You Join? 
The purpose of the Student Division chapter here at Cal State L.A. is to: (1.) encourage the professional and social development of its members; (2.) foster leadership by providing opportunities to serve in responsible positions; (3.) provide for the infusion of knowledge from sources beyond for college or university settings such as field trips, seminars, and guest speakers; and (4.) provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and friendship among members. The Faculty Advisors for this chapter are Dr. Le Tang and Dr. Virgil Seaman who are both members of the University Division. This year's president is         Alvin Santos. 
NAIT Membership 
Membership in the Cal State L.A. Chapter of the National Association of Industrial Technology is primarily for, but not limited to students enrolled in the Industrial Technology - Production program in the Department of Technology.  The membership package includes: a membership certificate, the Journal of Industrial Technology (JIT) and a membership card.  Annual dues are $15.00.  Membership applications can be obtained from the chapter advisors or in the Department of Technology. 

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