Technology Education Laboratory - E&T B11

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The Department of Technology at California State University, Los Angeles is a teacher education partner on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant with Utah State University for the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE).

We are CTE Teacher Trac partners with Cerritos College and El Camino College working together to provide a pathway for community college students who express an interest in teaching technical subjects (automotive, cad/drafting, electronics, manufacturing, woodworking, welding) at the middle school or high school. They transfer into the B.S. Industrial Technology programs from their respective colleges.

We have a long history of preparing industrial and technology education teachers with single-subject credentials. To support our students, the Department of Technology has a well-equipped Technology Education teaching laboratory based on a modular approach to teaching. Curriculum resources and project-based activities are available to students pursuing the Technology Education Track within the Industrial Technology program. Courses taught in this laboratory include:

TECH 384   Foundations of' Technology Education (4)
Comprehensive introduction to industrial and technology education in the United States with emphasis on current trends and issues specific to California. First-hand experience in new instructional and curricular methods in technology education.

TECH 491  Technology Education in the Middle Grades (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 384. Designing and implementing Technology Education programs consonant with current and future trends in the middle grades. Special emphasis on Explorations in Technology Education and learner-centered instruction. Innovative instructional practices.

TECH 492 Technology Education in the High School (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 384. Provide students with the background and knowledge needed to implement Technology Education Programs at the high school level. Emphasis will be placed on standards-based curriculum development and instructional methods.

TECH 493 Technology Education Facilities: Planning, Construction, Equipment, and Maintenance (3)
Prerequisite: TECH 384. Supervision of planning and construction, selection of equipment, and maintenance of educational facilities to support technology education programs at the middle school, high school and post secondary levels.

TECH 494  Industrial and Technology Education Curriculum (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 384. Curriculum development and instructional models for technology education programs at the middle school, high school and post secondary levels.

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