Internetworking Labs - E&T B105 & B106

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The Department of Technology at California State University, Los Angeles is a recognized CISCO Networking Academy with CISCO Systems, Inc. To support our students, the Department of Technology has a well-equipped Internetworking laboratories with CISCO Networking Academy curriculum resources and project-based activities available to students pursuing the Internetworking Concentration within the Industrial Technology program.

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Courses taught in this laboratory include:

[Foundation Program requirements for all Industrial Technology first-time freshmen]

TECH 120  DC Electronics  (3)
DC circuits;  hands-on experiences in using VOM and DVM for basic electrical measurement and troubleshooting.  Lecture 1 1/2 hours, laboratory 4 1/2 hours. 

[Required Core course]

TECH 421 Internetworking Technology (4)
Computer networking in LAN and WAN, OSI model, TCP/IP, data encapsulation, LAN devices, network media, cable testing, structured cabling, Ethernet technology, layer 2 switching, IP addressing, subnetting, and routing.

[Internetworking Concentration courses]

TECH 422 Router Configurations (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 421.  The course covers the WANS, Cisco Router and its configuration, Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS), distance vector routing protocols like RIP and IGRP, intermediate TCP/IP, ACLS, and basic router troubleshooting.

TECH 423 Intermediate Routing and LAN Switching (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 422. The topics of classless IP addressing techniques: VLSM and CIDR, single area OSPF and EIGRP routing, LAN switching and design, switch configuration, Spanning Tree Protocol, VLANs, and VLAN trunking protocol.

TECH 424 Wide Area Networks (4)
Prerequisite: TECH 423. Addresses Scaling with NAT and DHCP, WAN physical and data link protocols, WAN connections, LAN/WAN case study, PPP, ISDN, DDR, Frame Relay, network management, and CCNA certification preparation.

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