Notification of Policies and Procedures for the Evaluation of Faculty

Updated University Policy, and College and Department ARTP Documents

Below are links to the current Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion (ARTP) documents for the colleges and their respective departments.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Portions of these documents have been superseded by recent changes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, or contract), University Policy, and contract interpretations.  Where the ARTP documents and University Policy or the CBA conflict, the provisions in University Policy and contract are to be followed.

It is critical that reviewers and candidates are aware of the following updates regarding:

- University Policy on Evaluation of Permanent Instructional Faculty:

There are changes to the Criteria for Early Promotion to Full Professor. As of Fall 2013, the criteria for early promotion to full professor are as follows: A candidate for early promotion to full professor must have a sustained outstanding record in categories A and B, "educational performance" and "professional achievement," and must be found to be at least commendable in category C, "contributions to the University".

Faculty are responsible for being aware of additional University policies relevant to faculty evaluation which may be found in Chapter Six of the Faculty Handbook.

Links to Current College and Department ARTP Documents:

Arts and Letters

Business and Economics

Charter College of Education

Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Health and Human Services

Natural and Social Sciences

University Library

Student Health Center