Block C Arts and Humanities

Criteria for Evaluating Block C Arts and Humanities GE Course Proposals

In general, course proposals for courses submitted as satisfying specific general education requirements must provide:

  • Clear evidence that student learning outcomes specific to the block or GE requirement are being taught and assessed
  • Course content in outline that demonstrates adequate time devoted to teaching and assessing the outcomes
  • Evidence of specific training, currency and/or experience in the basic intellectual and pedagogic competencies in the specific block or designated area

GE Governing Principles

Proposal clearly demonstrates that the course

  • Requires the practice and evaluation of writing in English, including, where appropriate, library assignments
  • Provides ample opportunity for students to be active learners in their educational experience
  • Does not require a non-General Education prerequisite

If the response to any of the GE governing principles above is No, the course will be returned unapproved.

Block or GE Requirement Student Learning Outcomes

Proposal clearly demonstrates that student learning outcomes are being taught and assessed sufficiently

  • Demonstrate understanding of the diversity and complexity of the human search for meaning, value, and purpose.
  • Demonstrate an ability to respond subjectively as well as objectively to aesthetic experiences and develop an understanding of the integrity of both emotional and intellectual responses.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the interrelationship between the self and the creative arts and/or the humanities in a variety of cultures.

Block C1 Only (one or more)

  • Analyze, appreciate, and interpret significant works of art and be informed observers of, or active participants in, the creative arts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the intellectual, imaginative, and cultural elements involved in the creative arts through participation in, and study of, Drama, Music, Studio Art and/or Creative Writing.

Block C2 Only (one or more)

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the personal and social values of cultures and how ideas influence the character of human beliefs and the norms that guide human behavior, as explored in the study of cultures, philosophies, and literary texts.
  • Investigate and analyze fundamental human beliefs and their justifications, especially as reflected in Philosophy and Religious Studies.
  • Apply language skills within a cultural and social context and understand aspects of the culture of the language being studied.

Implementation and Assessment

Proposal or supplemental materials provide evidence of

  • Specific training, currency and/or experience in the basic intellectual and pedagogic competencies in the specific block or designated area