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Cal State L.A. University Auxiliary Services, Inc. (UAS) Grants & Contracts assists faculty and staff in applying for Extramural funding, primarily, though not exclusively, from government agencies. The UAS Grants & Contracts provides services at all stages of the proposal submission and pre-award process, including budget preparation; project conceptualization and development; assistance with writing, research and editing; connections with other academic institutions, government and community agencies, and businesses and industry; and proposal technical preparation and submission.

UAS Grants & Contracts also provides post-award administration for all funded proposals, including award set-up, budget management, expense review and approval, billing and collection, cash management, financial reporting, audits & compliance, and project close-out activities and reporting.


University Auxiliary Services, Inc. (UAS) and ORSCA Policies and Procedures

Required Project Reporting #902
Fiscal Close-Out Procedures for Sponsored Projects #903
Allowable Costs/Expenditures & Post Award Administration #904
Post-Award Activities #905
Cost Sharing & In-Kind Commitments #906
Subrecipient Monitoring #907
Effort Reporting Related to Grants and Contracts #908


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